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‘This is so petty, I love it’: TikToker’s 5-year-long revenge on her ex-boyfriend divides viewers

'I will never stop doing it.'


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Posted on Jun 8, 2021   Updated on Jun 9, 2021, 12:25 pm CDT

When TikToker @andpacker asked people to share “something incredibly immature that you will never stop doing” Kristina, who goes by @kristinamakescontent on TikTok, had an answer that is being lauded by some and criticized by others.

For the last five years, Kristina says she has used her ex-boyfriend’s email to sign up for literally every mailing list and subscription she can find, and, she says, she has no intention of ever stopping.


#stitch with @andpacker omg so random of me can’t believe I just did that (but srsly it’s actually quite annoying) #storytime #exes #spammail #idk

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Any time there’s a free service that isn’t really free—in which the payment is one’s email so it can be spammed it with promotions and nonsense—she simply uses her ex’s email instead of her own. Airport Wi-Fi, online articles, newsletter subscriptions all go to the same man, who she says has no idea that she’s the one doing it to him.

Ok but which of me ex's did this to me? I'm blocking emails daily and still get more the next day
Claudia Nettleton/TikTok
I don't even wanna do this for revenge, I just wanna do this to save my inbox
Claudia Nettleton/TikTok
So another one... I get so many cold callers 'ever been in an accident that's not your fault' bs. I tell them no, but I know someone who has and give them
Claudia Nettleton/TikTok

As many pointed out in the comments section, that’s probably not going to be true for much longer. After her TikTok garnered 4.3 million views, there’s a good chance it’s going to be seen by her ex. 

Well if he has TikTok, now he will know

Some viewers are criticizing the extent of Kristina’s revenge, with one saying, “Tell me you didn’t get over your ex without telling me” and another saying, “5 years later.. move on love.”

Others think it is brilliant, even sharing their own similar strategies for getting back at their exes in the comments. “I used to hand out his business cards to everyone,” one user revealed.

And some are both impressed and horrified.

“This is so petty, I love it,” another said.

Thanks for the tip girl
Yes! I used to hand out his business cards to everyone especially insurance salesman.
Anna Marie/TikTok
Totally psycho but so much impressive to have a diabolical mind like this
Anna Marie/TikTok

It’s unclear what her ex did to merit this level of punishment. While Kristina closed the video by saying that she will “never stop doing it,” she later clarifies that “convenience,” rather than revenge, is a better word for what she is doing. So whether or not he truly deserves this treatment, or if Kristina is just a diabolical yet practical person, remains to be seen.

Honestly I think revenge was the wrong word! Convenience fits much better
Kristina makes content/TikTok

The Daily Dot has reached out to Kristina.

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*First Published: Jun 8, 2021, 3:34 pm CDT