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I’m in a texting relationship with Drake, thanks to Botline Bling

Man, Drake really wants to go to Cheesecake Factory.


Elijah Watson

Internet Culture

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to text with Drake

Thanks to Botline Bling you’re finally getting your chance (well, sort of). Made by Medium Slackjaw editor and Onion Labs copywriter Hassan S. Ali, Botline Bling allows its users to have a text message relationship with the Toronto rapper (it’s an SMS bot, but the responses seem pretty accurate of what I would expect of Drake’s texting mannerisms: a little flirtatious, often ambiguous, and spontaneously mentioning Cheesecake Factory in the middle of a very serious conversation).

Here’s how my chat with the 6 God went.

Botline Bling

Botline Bling

Botline Bling

Botline Bling

Botline Bling

As you can see, I never got the advice I wanted, but he did make me feel special, which is why we love Drake in the first place. If you find yourself wanting to chat with the bot Drake too, just text “Botline” to (630) 755-6641. 

Unless you’re hungry for a cream cheese-based dessert, just don’t expect Drake to help you with any of your problems. 

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