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Drop what you’re doing and celebrate Drake’s birthday

What’d you get him?


Miles Klee

Internet Culture

If you’re reading this, it’s Drake‘s birthday.

The Puffy-Coated Canadian Rapper/Meme turned 30 years old on Monday, marking not just an age milestone but another year at the top of his game. The occasion was, first of all, marked by the release of four new songs and the announcement of a forthcoming album.

He had a party, too, where his dad sang happy birthday to him. Because even when Drake is 30, he’s really just 13.

The big buzz around the L.A. soirée, though, is that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, known pop nemeses, both showed, as did Swift’s ex-boyfriend John Mayer—and everyone was chill? Drake should definitely be moonlighting as a peace accord negotiator with the U.N.

Also on Sunday night, President Obama was seen dancing to “Hotline Bling” with Usher on the White House lawn. 

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Meanwhile, everyone who wasn’t invited to an awesome party (and yes, there were some hurt feelings over that) found other ways to show their appreciation for Drizzy and send their fondest wishes.

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Yes, Drake is 30, and nothing will ever be the same. Except that he’ll probably keep getting nice sweaters on his birthday.

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