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The ‘Donald Gay Trump’ Twitter account is giving us life

The sass level is tremendous—yuge, even.


Nayomi Reghay

Internet Culture

Anyone who’s taken a peek at presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s Twitter feed knows it’s full of vim, vigor, and vitriol.

Whether he’s attacking the media, taking a jab at “crooked Hillary,” or, most recently, trashing the Muslim parents of slain American soldier Humayun Khan, Trump’s Twitter feed is low on class and high on bombast.

But what if Trump, in addition to hating so many things, loved “gay stuff”?That’s the premise of a hilarious new parody account: Donald Gay Trump.

Donald Gay Trump, whose bio hilariously reads, “Where My Geminis At?!” hates dems, pals around with Reba McIntyre, and has a soft spot for Katy Perry’s Prism.

Oh, and he only follows an elite group of accounts, limited to the female Kardashians, Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber.


The account is the brainchild of IRL gay comedian and Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre performer Matt Rogers.

Rogers conceived the idea for the account while watching the Democratic National Convention. He told the Daily Dot, “A friend of mine said that Trump was probably pissed when he saw all the ‘good celebrities’ at the DNC. And that got me thinking about what if Donald Trump was just so mad and insecure that Katy Perry wouldn’t sing at his party. And then it spun off into gay land.”

Rogers, who also performs with musical sketch comedy group Pop Roulette, added, “It’s honestly pretty easy to write because he’s on a third-grade reading level and I am a deep well of gayness.”

The tweets are deeply gay. And deeply funny.

Take, for example, Trump’s hatred of women, freshly peppered with a deep love for Chris Hemsworth.

Gay Trump is also an incisive critic of popular culture. He doesn’t just loathe Kelly Clarkson’s allegiance to the democratic party; he throws expert shade about her abilities as a performer.

He also takes sides in celebrity feuds. Spoiler alert: He’s #TeamGwen.

And he revels in pop culture deep cuts, like this bit of piping hot tea about the “real star” of Ugly Betty:

And who the “real winner” of  American Idol season 3 should have been:

And that one really awful twist in a Grey’s Anatomy plot:

Perhaps what’s funniest about Gay Trump isn’t the fact that he’s gay at all, but that Trump’s attitude with this slant is in fact more loving and joyful than any of the hate he spews on a daily basis.

Gay Trump, it turns out, can throw shade with the best of them, but he’s also a supporter of women. He believes, for example, that Naomi Watts deserves an Oscar.

“What’s funny to me is not what Donald Trump says,” said Rogers. “I really think his rhetoric is disgusting and not to be taken lightly. What’s funny to me is that he’s incapable of expressing himself like an adult.”

Rogers concluded, “There’s a lack of ingenuity in his real Twitter, but for some reason you get the sense that if this was a gay man, if Trump was gay, it would feel different. Less insane, more passionate.”

Damn. It really makes ya think. Maybe instead of worrying about making America “great again,” we should focus on making America gay again!

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