Donald Trump speaking in front of wooden framed painting and American flags

‘This madness will end’: Trump boasts about enacting a ‘two genders’ law if elected

He falsely claims that 'the radical left' invented transgender people.

On Jan 31, 2023 by Tricia Crimmins

transgender-flag-colored cloth on cross, flanked by two empty crosses

LGBTQ Christians are using Instagram to protest the ex-gay, ex-trans movement

Christians are divided on doctrine—and the stakes are high.

On Jan 21, 2023 by Heather Stewart

LGBTQ+ pride flag in front of blue sky

‘Ex-gay’ GOP operative stunned to learn conservative Christians are homophobic

The internet doesn't have much sympathy for him.

On Dec 30, 2022 by Claire Goforth

Transgender pride flag with Pakistan flag with diagonal rip

Disinformation campaign threatens rights of Pakistan’s trans community

The gains the Khwaja Sira made could soon be washed away.

On Dec 15, 2022 by Anmol Irfan

Rep Vicky Hartzler's nephew makes a TikTok about gay marriage bill

‘My aunt cried today’: Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler’s gay nephew responds to her crying over same-sex marriage on the House floor

'You're just gonna have to learn to co-exist with all of us.'

On Dec 10, 2022 by Jack Alban

book author holding her book up caption 'yet another reason to be mad at harpercollins' 'this is my book How to Excavate a Heart' (l) author greenscreen TikTok over Barnes and Noble website listing her book as 'How to Excavate a Heart: A Christmas, Hanukkah and Holiday Book' caption 'on every single retailer is now 'How to Excavate a Heart' (c) Author speaking caption 'it is not a Christmas book' (r)

‘I’m gonna give you another reason to be extremely mad at HarperCollins’: Author says HarperCollins rebranded her lesbian Jewish romance novel as a Christmas story

'The way I GASPED at the new title.'

On Dec 5, 2022 by Jack Alban

Gender Fluid by Mia Kobabe (l) we are ants by Shaun David Hutchinson (c) Out Of Darkness by Ashley Hope Perez (r)

‘I am an adult with a mature brain’: How Texas parents lobbied to get books on gender identity banned from schools

The president of the board of trustees pledged in emails to work on the bans.

On Dec 2, 2022 by Rebecca Caraway

child using tablet with head on table

Kids Online Safety Act could force tech companies to collect more data on minors, experts say

Over 90 advocacy groups spoke out against it.

On Nov 28, 2022 by Jacob Seitz

hands holding nonbinary flag in front of blue background

Far-right embraces mass murderer’s pronoun choice to troll grieving LGBTQ community

They don't think it's possible to be nonbinary and a violent right-wing extremist.

On Nov 23, 2022 by Claire Goforth

photo of kyle rittenhouse talking on stage

Kyle Rittenhouse mocked an LGBTQ event for having armed guards—hours later a gay nightclub was shot up

Rittenhouse also appears to have changed his profile picture from one with a firearm to one without.

On Nov 21, 2022 by Mikael Thalen

photo of Co.rep Lauren Boebert speaking

Lauren Boebert’s ‘grooming’ accusations  resurface after she expressed sympathy for victims of mass shooting at an LGBTQ club

Boebert's being accused of encouraging 'hatred' for LGBTQ people.

On Nov 21, 2022 by Claire Goforth

wooden gavel with rainbow heart cutout on white wooden surface

‘These scumbags must go’: Far-right is p*ssed at Senate Republicans who voted to codify gay marriage

'The GOP proving once again how they don’t stand for literally anything.'

On Nov 17, 2022 by Claire Goforth

man speaking (l) bride and groom holding flowers (c) man speaking (r)

‘This is one of the most personal hate crimes I’ve ever experienced’: TikToker says he was uninvited from his best friend’s wedding because he’s gay

'Not only did she disappoint me, she is disappointing the entire gay community.'

On Nov 10, 2022 by Tricia Crimmins

Nikita Dragun

‘This is so f*cking inhumane’: Trans influencer Nikita Dragun held in a male prison, misgendered in police report (updated)

The YouTuber was arrested at a hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.

On Nov 9, 2022 by Tricia Crimmins

tiktoker calls out three creators for transitioning to queerbaiting once their content plummets tiktok

TikToker accuses male influencers of ‘pretending to be gay’ for clout

'You just pretend to be gay and people start speculating and people pay attention again.'

On Nov 9, 2022 by Tricia Crimmins