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#DogsAgainstBrexit highlights the negative impact of Brexit on pets

Some heroes wear capes, others have fur.


Siobhan Ball

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Brits against Brexit have expressed the negative impact Brexit will have on people, foreign relations and policy, and the environment, among other things. But a new face to join the Brexit resistance is dogs.

The hashtag #DogsAgainstBrexit highlights the negative impact Brexit will have on all our furry friends.

Dilyn The Downing Street Dog kicked off the hashtag on Twitter.

“Hello my name is Dilyn… Brexit will see the end of the pet passport. To travel to the EU your pet will have to have a blood test three months before travel. I am dog against Brexit. Send me photos of your own #DogsagainstBrexit,” the Twitter account for Dilyn wrote.

Other British pet owners began chiming in with their own canine photos and statements of resistance.

“I am Fido. I will be very happy to do a massive shit on Article 50 and therefore make it completely invalid. #DogsagainstBrexit,” Fido’s owner wrote.

Many good boys and girls appear concerned about where their favorite dog food is going to come from after the prospective food shortages happen.

Other concerns include not being able to travel with their families around the EU. The EU pet passport allows dogs to do just that, but if a no-deal Brexit goes through, the passport will no longer be valid for British pets.

“My name is Dolly and if I dont get my lamb dinner and the ability to go to France with my Mum and Dad I will bite someone’s ankles! #DogsagainstBrexit,” Dolly’s owner wrote.

Jupi is worried about their mummy, a Romanian doctor living in the U.K. who is facing having to go back to Romania. “Please don’t send her home,” Jupi pleaded.

Concerns about the medication shortages the U.K. is facing aren’t just exclusive to humans. Hubble the Chihuahua would have lost his eyeball without antibiotics, the supply chains for which are likely to be disrupted by Brexit.

The deadline for the U.K. to leave Brexit is Oct. 31, which British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says will happen–with or without a deal.


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