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This video of a dog ‘straight chillin’ will melt your heart

This dog has got it figured out.


Stacey Ritzen

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One of the reasons people adore their canine pals so much is because of how easy it is to assign human traits to dogs. There have been extensive studies on whether or not dogs experience emotions such as empathy, love, loyalty, resentment, envy, and so on and so forth. But anyone who has ever owned a dog could probably tell you as much just based on personal experience.

On the other side of the coin, humans also love to anthropomorphize their pooches—which is also fine! Yes, a Labrador retriever may not have consciously adopted nine ducklings, but what does it hurt to say he did? Just like we’re not sure what went through another dog’s head that succeeded in breaking up a fight between two cats.

Likewise, we can’t know what this Australian Shepherd named Chamiso in this video posted to Twitter really was “straight chillin’”—but the evidence does kind of speak for itself.

With over 300,000 retweets, the consensus seems to be that Chamiso is indeed, a pretty chill AF dog.

The dog’s owner, @capnsaveahood also shared a sweet backstory about Chamiso and his “boo” Chamisa that should warm even the chilliest (no pun intended) of hearts.

We truly do not deserve dogs.

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