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The Adventures of Tonka the Malamute AKA WaterWolf/YouTube

This very good dog was totally p****d that he had to take a bath

Tonka is not having this.


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One of the harsh realities of dog ownership is that occasionally, that dog is gonna need a bath. And if the dog is like 99.9 percent of dogs, it is not gonna want that bath.

The irony, of course, is that quite often, the reason for a dog needing a bath is entirely self-inflicted. Played in the mud? You’re getting a bath. Rolled in an interesting smell on the ground that turned out to be poop? Bath. Ran afoul of the business end of a skunk? Scrub a dub dub, get your furry ass in the tub.

Likewise, our friend Tonka here, an Alaskan Malamute, totally brought the situation on himself by jumping in the pool and “starting to smell like dirty Fritos,” according to his human. By the time we meet Tonka in the following video, he has already taken his bath, and as you can see, he is extremely displeased with the sad state of affairs.

Tonka’s owner tried to talk sense into him, but he wasn’t not having it.

“Are you ignoring me? You needed a bath,” she attempted to reason. “You were dirty and you jumped in the pool.” The Malamute refused to acknowledge her by looking away from and instead lets out a defiantly pitiful howl.

“Tonka look at me, you have to have baths sometimes,” she continued. “When you get dirty and you smell like dirty Fritos, and you jump in the pool, that means you have to take a bath. Don’t be mad at me.” Her pleas were met with more howling.

“I’m sorry you’re mad at me, but now you’re clean. Aren’t you happy you’re clean now?” she asked.

Tonka was not!

Oh well. As they say, nothing heals like time, so with any hope Tonka got over the situation after an hour or so—or at least until the next time this very good dog jumps in the pool.

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