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This very good dog got bit by a rattlesnake to protect his human

Give him all of the treats!


Stacey Ritzen

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The latest inspirational doggo story comes to us from a six-month-old golden retriever named “Todd,” who deserves all of the treats after an act of heroism that saved his human from a potentially deadly encounter. Paula Godwin was out hiking with her two dogs near her home in Anthem, Arizona, last Friday when she accidentally nearly stepped on a rattlesnake. She would have almost certainly got bitten, however, Todd jumped between her leg and the snake just before it struck, potentially saving her life.

Unfortunately, the snake bit Todd instead, right on his snout. “This is what a hero looks like,” Godwin later wrote in a Facebook post.

Luckily Godwin was able to take Todd right to a local animal hospital where he was treated for his bite and is expected to make a full recovery. In an update on Sunday, Godwin wrote that Todd was already healing and thanked people for their support. “Your kindness and support is truly a blessing,” she wrote, accompanied by a photo of herself nuzzling Todd.

Not surprisingly, Todd’s heroic act went viral because the internet loves nothing else if not tales of very good boys, and he was even rated the fifth ever 15/10 on WeRateDogs.

Others likewise chimed in to express their admiration for Todd’s heroism:

And of course, he made the local news:

The saying goes that cats have nine lives, but this very good boy must also have a few under his belt. Long live Todd!

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