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Harriet Clare/Twitter David Britton

Two women raid their closets to create the best costume party on Twitter

They’ve definitely found a creative way to pass the time in isolation.


David Britton

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Photographer Harriet Clare and her friend Chloe Mead are doing what most of us are trying to do right now: Make the most of a bad situation. The two women are currently isolating together at Mead’s parent’s house in Sussex, England. Using only what they have in their closets, the pair recreated iconic characters from film and television to the delight of Twitter.

“We first came up with the idea when Chloe put her hair up and it looked like Little My from ‘The Moomins,’ and so decided to complete the outfit to send to our friends,” Clare said in a recent interview with Insider. “We then thought it would be funny if people challenged her to dress up, so she put a message on Instagram requesting challenges and Jack Sparrow was the first. It seemed to make people (and ourselves) laugh so we decided to carry it on!”

So far they’re up to 10 characters and counting, including great takes on Edward Scissorhands, Mary Poppins, Joe Exotic and more.

Their imaginative recreations are a huge hit and have lead to thousands of likes and retweets.

If you want to get in on the fun, they’ve now started running polls asking their friends and fans what characters they should do next.

Or you can create your own characters and share them using the hashtag #CovidCloset.

Everyone is finding their own way to get through the current pandemic. The important thing is to find what works best for you, even if that thing is dressing up as Miss Trunchbull from Matilda and pretending to throw a little girl across your yard.


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