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‘I wish I made CLOSE to that at my serving job’: Cheesecake Factory worker shares how much she makes in a day

'My serving job was nothing like this.'


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Posted on Feb 23, 2023   Updated on Feb 23, 2023, 10:05 am CST

On TikTok, several workers have gone viral for sharing how much money they make in a day. One user recently went viral after detailing how much she made as a Domino’s delivery driver; another user found similar viral success after revealing just how much she makes as a ‘bottle girl’ in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Now, a further user has similarly sparked discussion after detailing how much she made as a server at Cheesecake Factory.

In a video with over 11,000 views, TikToker Ashley (@theversatilemuva) details her earnings at the restaurant chain on President’s Day. 

@theversatilemuva What a night🥹. I cant wait to sleep😭. I tipped my bussers $40 food runner $17 and bartender $20 ! 🤑 #cheesecake #cheesecakefactory #servertok #serverlife #server #work #tips #cash ♬ original sound – Ashley Chantay’

From $1900 in sales, Ashley collected over $570 in tips before splitting some of the tips with her bussers, food runner, and bartender. After the tip-out, she says the total came to $308 for 6 and a half hours of work.

“I was getting really good tips today!” she exclaims in the video. “And it was so fucking busy because the holiday.”

In the comments section, Ashley claims that she also makes the local minimum wage of $16.30 per hour, which is taxed based in part on her tips. If this is correct, Ashley’s gross pay for the day was over $980.

Commenters were both complimentary of and surprised by Ashley’s high earnings.

“My serving job was nothing like this,” wrote a user. “Wow.”

“I wish I made CLOSE to that at my serving job,” another agreed.

Ashley made this much money despite the fact that Californians are among the lowest tippers in the country, according to an August 2022 article from San Diego’s Fox 5.

“In-person diners are tipping on average 19.7% around the country—but not in California. The average tip size was 17.5% in California, the lowest of all 50 states,” the article reads.

However, the author also notes that “California does have one of the country’s highest minimum cash wage laws for tipped employees, according to the Department of Labor. That means California service workers could still be taking home significantly more in income, despite the slimmer tips.”

Overall, commenters loved Ashley’s chipper demeanor.

“I love that you don’t focus on the crappy tippers,” said a user. “Love your upbeat positive attitude!! Hope you had a great day off!!”

The Daily Dot reached out to Ashley via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Feb 23, 2023, 10:04 am CST