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People are dredging up awkward high school photos for a Twitter challenge

'Mine's this of me posing seductively in my firehouse subs uniform after an extremely unfortunate haircut.'


Esther Bell

Internet Culture

Published Dec 17, 2019   Updated May 19, 2021, 8:11 pm CDT

On a group trip down memory lane, people are sharing embarrassing photos of their high school selves for a Twitter challenge, and boy is it cringey.

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It all started when Twitter user @im_your_destiny asked, “what’s the dumbest pic you have of yourself from high school. mine’s this of me posing seductively in my firehouse subs uniform after an extremely unfortunate haircut.”

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People were quick to respond and prove that high school truly is the cringiest time for everyone. Twitter user @error303 posted their senior picture, which involved a staged bubble bath and some rubber ducks.

Twitter user @sick_rams wrote, “I did a rodeo clown interpretive dance my senior year of high school,” which was complete with face paint.

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Twitter user @molliecoffee posted a photo for everyone who regrets their senior photoshoots.

“Complete with a stare into the distance at absolutely nothing,” molliecoffee wrote, along with a senior group photo.

Twitter user @hoCHIEF reminded us of all the embarrassing challenges we’ve done throughout the years, tweeting a photo of the “saltine cracker challenge 2009.”

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And Twitter user @sxcbitchqueen stressed the importance of staying on brand.

“I am garbage,” they wrote, along with a photo in a garbage can.

It was a glow-up challenge without seeing the end results. Maybe the end of the decade has Twitter users nostalgic for simpler times, or maybe users were just eager to roast themselves and commiserate over the fact that high school is, and forever will be, the worst.


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*First Published: Dec 17, 2019, 8:09 pm CST