Esther Bell

Esther Bell is a writer for the Daily Dot. She recently graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in journalism, and her work has appeared in Bustle and Teen Vogue.

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tiktoker films herself barking at catcallers

‘Normalize barking at men’: People love tactic TikToker uses to scare away creepy catcallers

'How to properly deal with men.'

On Apr 3, 2021 by Esther Bell

TikToker Jane Park speaking with her children about anti-asian racism

TikTok mom goes viral for how she discusses anti-Asian violence with her kids in video

'Ladies and gentleman, this is how you teach your children!!!!'

On Mar 20, 2021 by Esther Bell

woman at dollar store in florida

Teens laugh off homophobic Karen who is verbally abusing them at Dollar Tree

'You like it up the a**hole? Cause you look like you like it up your a**hole.'

On Feb 28, 2021 by Esther Bell

couple getting engaged at friend's wedding

Viral TikTok shows couple getting engaged at friends’ wedding, sparking debate

'I'm a good friend but would never allow this.'

On Feb 28, 2021 by Esther Bell

photos of joseph davis released by the Volusia Sheriff Office on Facebook

Woman catches cheating ex by finding another woman wearing her engagement ring on Facebook

Police are now looking for the Florida man.

On Feb 13, 2021 by Esther Bell

tiktok user brooke_abroad talking about how her boyfriend pretended she was dead so that he could cheat on her

TikToker says boyfriend bought urn, pretended she was dead so that he could cheat

'Men do anything but be faithful.'

On Feb 13, 2021 by Esther Bell

tiktok silhouette challenge

Viewers are drooling over the ‘Silhouette Challenge’ videos on TikTok

Even celebrities, like Chloe Bailey, are getting in on the trend.

On Jan 28, 2021 by Esther Bell

tiktoker glasses reflection date

TikToker urged to leave ‘date’ after posting video of what’s in the reflection of his glasses

'I'd just leave. No explanation. Just, byeeee. Trust me, it would feel so good.'

On Jan 23, 2021 by Esther Bell

kid mom antifa capitol

Kid puts mom on blast for believing ‘antifa attacked the Capitol,’ not Trump supporters

The kid's mom came into their room to talk about how antifa attacked the Capitol. The kid recorded their exchange.

On Jan 17, 2021 by Esther Bell

minimum wage fast food debate

People online are pointing out why fast-food workers should get paid more

Fast-food workers went on strike in over a dozen cities Friday, and now the debate has moved online.

On Jan 17, 2021 by Esther Bell

jenna ryan

Realtor who flew on private jet to storm the Capitol pleads to Trump: ‘I think we all deserve a pardon’

'I listened to my president, who told me to go to the Capitol.'

On Jan 16, 2021 by Esther Bell

bumble capitol riot

Women on Bumble say they are matching with Capitol rioters, turning them into the FBI

Bumble removed its politics filter after several 'Bumble honeytrap' tweets went viral.

On Jan 14, 2021 by Esther Bell

ashli babbitt

Man upset deceased rioter Ashli Babbitt’s past gets dredged up—but he had no problem smearing George Floyd

'She was just shot dead and you want to publicly destroy her legacy. For what?'

On Jan 9, 2021 by Esther Bell

tiktok high school shootings congress capitol riots

‘First time?’ TikTok teens are comparing school shootings to Congress lockdown

'Maybe now they'll pass gun reform.'

On Jan 9, 2021 by Esther Bell

man dies covid flight viral tweets

After Twitter user went viral for claiming man behind her died of COVID mid-flight, official details released

'I'm shook.'

On Dec 20, 2020 by Esther Bell