ashton j meme kid

Screengrab via LIL TASBEEH/Twitter

This kid gets it.

If you’ve been seeing a very happy, adorable baby with a little red cap flooding your feeds with positivity but also a little mischief, chances are you’ve been blessed by Ashton J.

The kid with the million-meme smile has hit the web running, spreading joy on Instagram as @theofficialashtonj with crowdsourced memes from all across the web.

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A photo posted by Ashton J. (@theofficialashtonj) on

#ashtonj #babyashton #comedy

A photo posted by Ashton J. (@theofficialashtonj) on

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A photo posted by Ashton J. (@theofficialashtonj) on

Some fans think Ashton J.’s the heir apparent to another meme kid, Gavin. YouTuber Nathan Zed provided a perfect pairing of the two meeting face to face, with the emotional Gavin looking a little unwilling to pass the torch.

It’s all love, though. Whether he’s FaceTiming his girl or texting up a storm, Ashton J. has a complementary chill vibe to Gavin’s all-too-real looks of frustration. And turns out Ashton J. pairs well with a whole host of memes out there. He’s even already worked his magic on the “feel old yet?” meme.

Ashton J. has the good vibes we need to close out a rough year and look toward bigger and better things. There’s a new meme kid in town, and he’s certainly not going anywhere.

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