animal crossing character with curly hair

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Animal Crossing fans launch petition for more inclusive hairstyles

‘I would love to truly have my character represent me.’


Sierra Juarez

Internet Culture

A petition is circulating requesting that Animal Crossing update its game to include more inclusive hairstyles.

The petition had almost 14,000 signatures by Friday afternoon after only being live for two days.

“Every person should feel represented when playing a game they love and making their avatar,” the petition reads. “In light of what is happening in America concerning Black rights, it would be amazing to have gamers of all races represented on all gaming platforms.”

The game allows users to change hair color and hairstyle, but the options are notably white-looking styles. Many people who signed the petition said they hoped they’d one day be able to play the game using a character that actually looks like them.

“There’s a need for more inclusive hairstyles,” a person who signed the petition wrote. “As a long time Animal Crossing player, I would love to truly have my character represent me.”

One Twitter user said she’s hoping that the game will add afro and braid looks. A person who signed the petition requested curly and wavy hair. Others thought the game should also consider adding hijabs and headscarves.

The call for inclusiveness comes as many companies across the U.S. make changes to acknowledge racist subtexts, such as Dungeons & Dragons announcing that it will get rid of “evil races” in the gameplay. More and more companies are making these updates as protests against police brutality and systemic racism continue to sweep the country.


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