21 celebrities who love Reddit as much as you do

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These nerdy celebrities love their Reddit accounts more than you love yours. Here’s where to find their finest contributions to the site:

1) Zach Braff

Anytime zachinoz posts, it’s pretty much guaranteed he makes it to the top of the front page. Remember the time he trolled his own best friend’s AMA? We’ll never forget it.

When u didn’t drink last night and everyone you know is still sleeping.

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2) Snoop Lion

It’s entirely possible that nobody loves Reddit as much as Snoop loves Reddit. Legend has it he showed up for an AMA once and couldn’t get enough of it. Today, he’s a moderator of one of the largest weed-related subreddits and is pretty much everywhere under Here_Comes_The_King.

On the mix. Cadillac music. ✨🌟🔊🔉💿📢

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3) William Shatner

Shatner, openly posting as WilliamShatner, likes to argue with folks every so often about a variety of topics.

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and I sending love from the set of our latest @priceline commercial

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4) Felicia Day

Though it’s been a minute since fday was last seen online—interestingly enough, on another frequent user’s AMA—she’s a proud member of the Five Year Club and happily engages fans when available.

@elizadushku stopping by the livestream! Twitch.tv/geekandsundry

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5) Chris Hardwick

Duh, the Nerdist is all about Reddit. He posts every few days under Chris Hardwick, and can frequently be seen moderating Nerdist- and @midnight-related subreddits.

6) Wil Wheaton

You’ll find Wil, an actor, writer and avid gamer, online under all subreddits at all times. Is it true that he once lived with Chris Hardwick? Only they know for sure.

#bedhead #selfie #slumber

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7) Verne Troyer

The Reddit trophy-winning actor is fairly active online. He posts as vernetroyer and most recently used the account to let fans know he was fine after an alleged accident, which is so cool.

Happy st patty’s day from the world’s tallest leprechaun!

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8) Arnold Schwarzenegger

Is there anything this dude can’t do? Seriously. Look for GovSchwarzenegger talking fans through bodybuilding, fitness, politics, travel and funny pictures.

Happy Easter!

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9) Deadmau5

The reddit_mau5 himself has done AMAs, but will also contribute to music-related subreddits with varying degrees of frequency.

Breaking mau5. Caved and shaved. :/

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10) Ali Larter

Kind of a weird one here: AliLarter has done a bunch of AMAs, and has spoken a lot about food. Reddit hasn’t heard from her in over a year, but there was a time when she adored us them…

11) The Whitest Kids U’ Know

WKUK is/was a crew of extremely offbeat, extremely funny comedians that produced sketch comedy together. Their ringleader is TrevorMoore, and he’s around fairly often.

‘HIGH In Church’ is available now! Download it HERE: http://on.cc.com/HICAlbum

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12) Neil Degrasse Tyson

Galactic emperor of sass neiltyson hasn’t been heard from in comments or posts for a while. However, he’s the moderator of about 10 subreddits (and a scientist and all that), so we understand if he’s busy.

What an honor. And we even pulled off “The Presidential Selfie” (!!)

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13) Chris Kluwe

Probably the most prominent athlete-redditor, Chris Kluwe—DBA “Loate“—is basically all over Reddit at all times.

14) Anna Kendrick

The beloved actress has only ever alluded to her Reddit account, so if anyone finds her out for real, please let us know. Lurker! LURKER!


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15) Ken Jennings

WatsonsBitch has become famous for his lengthy and specific AMA sessions, though he’s been spotted around the site calling out other users  for talking crap about him.

bRUH #kenjennings #childhoodhero #jeopardy #bestever

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16) Bill Gates

It makes sense that Bill Gates, king nerd, philanthropist, and hero of the Internet age, would have a Reddit account. More than that, take one look at his awards and you’ll see how often thisisbillgates is around—he’s become famous for his participation in Secret Santa in particular.

Wahaha , great job!

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17) John Green

The immensely popular YA author uses the literary-minded handle thesoundandthefury to interact with fans, post on his own, and even moderate a couple subreddits related to his work.

Amy Schumer may be the funniest person I’ve ever met. And a hell of a good writer, too!

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18) Bo Burnham

It’s been a while since Reddit last heard from BOblivionMovie, but he used to keep on eye on fans posting his content and acted graciously every time. He’ll also do AMAs, of course.

Exactly one year later and the #CAKECEPTION loop has been closed! The universe is once again safe. #HeveStarvey

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19) Warwick Davis

Whether you know him best as the Leprechaun, an Ewok, Professor Flitwick or Ricky Gervais’ friend, you know Warwick Davis. He conducts his AMAs as WarwickADavis.

20) Lil B

The Based God himself pops up sporadically around the site, though we’ve heard he particularly goes for r/feet. He’s been active in 2015 under a variety of hip hop-related subreddits, where he posts as helpmelilb.

The only and artist who changed the world!!! ” Lil B ” – Lil B

A photo posted by LIL B “THE BASEDGOD” OFFICIAL (@lilbisgod) on

21) Aaron Paul

You can find him answering questions and occasionally posting original content under theaaronpaul.


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