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21 celebrities who love Reddit as much as you do

Even the rich and famous check the front page of the Internet.

On May 24, 2015 by [email protected]

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Sparks fly when Chris Kluwe meets Gamergate on Reddit

The former NFL-punter met Gamergate on its own turf.

On Oct 24, 2014 by Aja Romano

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‘Douchebag’ is the white racial slur we’ve all been waiting for

Need to call out white privilege? Here's why a simple word is the answer to all your prayers.

On Oct 23, 2014 by Michael Mark Cohen

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Gamer and NFL alum Chris Kluwe nukes Gamergate

This profanity-laced takedown pulls no punches. 

On Oct 22, 2014 by Dennis Scimeca

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Why Reddit moderators are removing Chris Kluwe’s NFL tell-all

Why a former NFL player's tell-all isn't relevant to the NFL.

On Jan 2, 2014 by Cooper Fleishman

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YouTube stars remind you of 3 words that can help prevent suicide

Talk to me.

On Sep 10, 2013 by Jay Hathaway

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Soles for sale

NFL punter Chris Kluwe reveals what life is really like online for a professional athlete.

On Sep 6, 2013 by Chris Kluwe

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It’s awkward when your ex shows up to your virginity-loss AMA

Also in today's Reddit Digest: Kevin Smith, Chris Kluwe, the Confederacy, and farts. Sounds about right.

On Apr 3, 2013 by Mike Fenn

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NFL punter Chris Kluwe rails against anti-gay parade

The Minnesota Vikings punter didn't take kindly to Tet parade's request for LGBT groups to "sacrifice" and sit out this year's festivities. 

On Feb 5, 2013 by Jordan Valinsky

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Punter Chris Kluwe trolls NFL commissioner in Reddit AMA

Apparently Roger Goodell is not familiar with the wonders of Rickrolling. 

On Jan 28, 2013 by Kevin Collier

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Gay marriage passes and the Internet rejoices

"Traditional" marriage found few followers.

On Nov 7, 2012 by Jordan Valinsky

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Meet Chris Kluwe—the Internet’s first football star

The Minnesota Vikings punter talks Reddit, World of Warcraft, trolls, and gay rights. 

On Oct 12, 2012 by Curt Hopkins

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The top 11 defensive NFL players to follow on Twitter

The Daily Dot completes its fantasy Twitter team with an all-star defensive squad. 

On Sep 3, 2012 by Michelle Jaworski

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The top 13 offensive NFL players to follow on Twitter

The Daily Dot drafted a fantasy Twitter team, recommending one star to follow for each position, plus a couple of special teams players. 

On Aug 31, 2012 by Michelle Jaworski

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Roughing the kicker: NFL’s Chris Kluwe tells all on Reddit

In a live-interview session on Reddit, the Minnesota Vikings punter had harsh words for Skip Bayless, Ray Lewis, and James Harrison, among several others. 

On Mar 21, 2012 by Kevin Collier