Let Him Cook meme

Meme History: Let Him Cook

Not everything needs to be Shakespeare in order to be good writing, and sometimes one-syllable words are the best way to get the masses on board with a new idea.

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let him cook meme: Woody Holding Sora Back in Toy Story

What is the ‘let him cook’ meme?

‘Let him cook’ has taken a journey from a Bay Area rapper’s dance move to a ‘cursed’ sports star to Woody from Toy Story.

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lil b with spotify logo

Listening to 42 Lil B mixtapes taught me what it means to be based

Journey to the center.

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A year in the life of Lil B’s warped Twitter

Casting curses is just the beginning.

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We had arachnologists fact-check Lil B’s tweets about spiders

There’s one thing that everyone can agree on: Spiders are hella cool.

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Rapper Lil B is sort of right about spiders

We know at least some species can remember ‘locations and things.’

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The 8 whitest interpretations of rap lyrics

Put down the blunt, man.

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Kevin Durant signs with Golden State Warriors, Lil B lifts curse

Five long years.

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Lil B’s curse on Kevin Durant strikes back as Warriors return to the NBA Finals

The Based God is never wrong.

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Mac Miller hits the reset button with ‘GO:OD AM’

Miller’s third studio album shows his continued maturation.

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5 urgent new mixtapes you need to download and crank

The definitive rundown of the week’s hottest indie hip-hop.

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Lil B reveals the status of all his NBA curses

Lil B needs his own ESPN show, ASAP.

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21 celebrities who love Reddit as much as you do

Even the rich and famous check the front page of the Internet.

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Rapper Lil B put a curse on a basketball star for stealing his dance move

The curse of rapper Lil B claims another NBA victim.

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Lil B on his hot new vegan-themed emoji app

“I don’t like to align myself with companies, but I really support what they are doing.”

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