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Donald Trump’s speeches are now a whiny early-2000s emo song
Emo Trump takes the words right out of Trump's mouth, and makes the into an emo song that would be perfect in the mid-2000s.
Here’s why ‘do not swear on my profile’ pictures are all over Facebook
Do teens really want you not to swear on their profile? Yes, the 'do not swear on my profile' meme would have you believe.
Delta roasts United on Twitter over leggings debacle
'Fly by the seat of your pants' is somehow a business model now.
‘Cash Me Ousside’ teen is getting a TV show, how bow dat
Viral star Danielle Bregoli is coming to the small screen in her own TV show.
Woman trolls the entire planet with Facebook post about how Australia isn’t real
People are up in arms over a woman declaring Australia to not be real.
Woman finds an amazing way to make $5 from every single Tinder match
If a woman asks you for $5 on Tinder, you aren't going to get sex.
Trump looks miserable meeting with women business leaders
Good thing there's only four more days of Women's History Month.
Gym bro attempting absurdly difficult feat gets shown up by senior shooting free throws
Whatever you do, don't look at the guy in front of you.
The ‘You’re a man of culture’ meme is depraved internet humor in a nutshell
It's a meme that twisted culture into something sick and disturbing.
No one parodies ‘Gaston’ like Deadpool
His kill count is intimidating.
The Trumps are exactly like the Bluths from ‘Arrested Development’
This comparison between the Trumps and the Bluths from 'Arrested Development' is astoundingly good.