Andrew Tate over bitcoins

Andrew Tate is now promising untold crypto riches to his fans—if they pony up $2,000 first

Tate once called crypto-shillers scammers

On by Marlon Ettinger

Man smiling(l), Toys R us(c), Boy smiling(r)

Toys “R” Us animated its iconic giraffe using AI—and people are upset

‘Shame on Toys “R” Us for contributing to this madness…’

On by Mikael Thalen

Hand with phone of gemini app(l), Google gemini interaction(r)

Google’s Gemini struggles to grasp that the afternoon starts after noon

The chatbot is confused if late morning is actually afternoon.

On by Tricia Crimmins

Cynthia Lummis

Senator who blocked Democrat bill to penalize non-consensual deepfakes effort hops on Ted Cruz’s new effort

‘I am proud to protect people against malicious and dangerous deepfakes,’ she said.

On by Katherine Huggins

ChatGPT deprioritizes resumes that mention disability during job app screenings

ChatGPT is being used to scan job applications—and penalizing candidates with disabilities

AI’s biases affect its ability to fairly screen resumes.

On by Tricia Crimmins

Cryptoking says he didn't respond to Logan Paul's courts summons because his lawyers said it would cost less to default

EXCLUSIVE: Crypto influencer explains why he intentionally ignored Logan Paul’s NFT lawsuit

Jake Greenbaum said if he participated in the court process he’d be subject to endless litigation.

On by Marlon Ettinger

Distracted boyfriend ai meme two split

AI evangelists keep getting blown away by the Distracted Boyfriend meme being turned into a video

Why does a years-old meme keep getting used to highlight the power of AI?

On by Mikael Thalen

GOP senator who blocked anti-deepfake porn bill backed by VC firm that invested in AI platform enabling deepfake porn

Bill to fight non-consensual deepfakes blocked by senator—she’s backed by VC firm invested in deepfakes

Lummis said the proposed bill could stifle innovation.

On by Katherine Huggins

ai used be far right in italian elections

EXCLUSIVE: Days before EU elections, Facebook is failing to flag inflammatory AI ads

The ads have racked up over a million views.

On by Gabriele Di Donfrancesco

Google's AI Overview tool suggests adding glue to pizza sauce to stop the cheese from sliding off

Google’s news AI search pulls answers from decade-old Reddit troll post—suggesting glue on pizza

It’s a sticky suggestion.

On by Marlon Ettinger

Dog playing football

Google’s new AI search tool keeps claiming dogs play professional sports 

The AirBud jokes write themselves.

On by Marlon Ettinger

George Carlin in front of abstract background

Comedy podcast forced to take down ‘AI’ George Carlin special

They didn’t defend themselves from the suit.

On by Marlon Ettinger

Sam Bankman-Fried in an interview during the Bitcoin 2021 conference(l), Gamer man playing League of Legends(r)

Sam Bankman-Fried’s love of ‘League of Legends’ cited in billion-dollar crypto suit against Riot Games

Riot Games, which develops the game, is being accused of promoting the sale of unregistered securities.

On by Marlon Ettinger

Homepage article image

Organizers of disastrous Wonka event confronted on camera by furious parents—admit it was all done with AI

‘Truly think Glaswegian accents are the best accents.’

On by Mikael Thalen

Robots with red eyes over legal papers

OpenAI sued for kickstarting the robot apocalypse

One lawsuit is looking toward a frightening future.

On by Marlon Ettinger

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