Gritty shows up at Philadelphia far-right rally in full force

In the crowd, one orange face popped up again and again.

On by Samira Sadeque

President Donald Trump's continued instance that Russia's interference in the 2016 elections is made up is PolitiFact's 'lie of the year.'

White House pulls We the People petition site offline for ‘maintenance’

The Trump administration has yet to respond to one of the site’s petitions.

On by David Covucci

Ajit Pai We the People petition

A petition calling for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to resign is racking up huge numbers

Would the White House even respond, though?

On by Josh Katzowitz

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White House petition demanding Donald Trump release his taxes reaches 100,000 signatures

The petitioner said, ‘I want people organizing across the country to know we have a voice.’

On by Josh Katzowitz

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Shepard Fairey plans to plaster D.C. with ‘We the People’ posters

His Kickstarter has raised over $420,000 for the effort.

On by Jaya Saxena

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White House shuts down petition to name #BlackLivesMatter a terror group

As of publication, the petition has garnered over 140,000 signatures.

On by Alexandra Samuels

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White House must respond to petition asking Obama to overturn UFC fighter’s suspension

What will Obama’s people say?

On by Josh Katzowitz

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White House petition fires up for a National Steak Day

Because ‘Murica.

On by Ned Donovan

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Could a petition force the White House to address nonbinary genders?

This is one We the People petition worth looking into. 

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Occupy Wall Street organizer wants Google to run the country

Controversial OWS organizer turned Google employee wants her bosses to run the country.

On by Tim Sampson

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Petition to deport Justin Bieber hits 100,000-signature threshold

We the people want “the dangerous, reckless, destructive, and drug abusing, Justin Bieber deported and his green card revoked.”

On by Fernando Alfonso III

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100,000 people signed this White House petition for email privacy reform

More than 20,000 people signed the day before the petition was due.

On by Kevin Collier

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The dwindling potential of digital democracy

We need to build platforms that better match political action to the structure of governance.

On by L. Rhodes

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White House forced to address first grader’s insensitive joke

Jimmy Kimmel laughed off a first grader’s genocidal joke. His Chinese audience didn’t find it as funny.

On by Tim Sampson

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Someone petitioned the White House to stop Ben Affleck from playing Batman

The White House’s We the People petition website is no stranger to advocates for preposterous things.

On by Cody Permenter

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