Tyler The Creator Meme and abstract background

The story behind the Tyler, the Creator mugshot meme

The rapper was charged with starting a riot at the SXSW festival in 2014.

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tyler the creator grammys 2020

Tyler the Creator calls out the Grammys for racism over rap album win

The artist is among many who blasted The Recording Academy for racist snubs.

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DJ Khaled says he's suing Billboard.

DJ Khaled plans to sue Billboard after his album fails to reach No. 1

The artist accuses Billboard of being ‘unfair.’

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Tyler the Creator Timothee Chalamet

Tyler, the Creator tells Timothée Chalamet to ‘come get at me’—and fans are all about it

The internet is waiting for Chalamet’s response.

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Tyler, the Creator drops the shock tactics—and makes his prettiest album yet on ‘Flower Boy’

The rapper just wants to enjoy right now, today. But that’s not always easy.

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Listen to Tyler the Creator’s theme song for Bill Nye’s new Netflix series

Bill! Bill! Bill!

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frank ocean

Frank Ocean unveils new track with Tyler the Creator, Jay Z

Frank Ocean unveils another song worthy of an endless loop.

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Tyler, the Creator’s NSFW Twitter handle is dead; long live Tyler, the Creator’s NSFW Twitter handle

You used to be about the content, man.

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U.K. bans Tyler the Creator because of lyrics he wrote 6 years ago

Can we really ban artists from entire countries because we disagree with art they made as a teenager?

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‘Riot’ allegedly incited by Tyler the Creator caught on Instagram video

Rapper Tyler the Creator could face up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

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Tyler, the Creator doesn’t appreciate being banned from Instagram

Rapper Tyler, the Creator delivered this fantastic Twitter rant after claiming he was temporarily banned from Instagram Tuesday.

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The Tweekender: How to build your own Twitter bot

All the news that’s fit to tweet, in 140 characters or less!

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Bare-chested Tyler, the Creator photobombs Donald Trump

What’s your favorite photobomb? Rapper Tyler, the Creator’s bare chest in the background of a shot taken of Donald Trump and an afro’d rapper named Taco? Mine too!

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That “Rappin’ for Jesus” video is obviously fake

The low-tech music video finds a pastor named Jim Colerick and his wife rapping about their relationship with Jesus Christ, and it’s racked up more than 600,000 views, thanks to outrageous language.

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Rappers do normal stuff—just like you

Rappers bake cookies, shop, hang out at Disneyland–all kinds of “normal” things on this Tumblr.

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