Rapper Tyler, the Creator delivered this fantastic Twitter rant after claiming he was temporarily banned from Instagram Tuesday.

Rapper Tyler, the Creator delivered this fantastic Twitter rant after claiming he was temporarily banned from Instagram Tuesday. As you might expect, he didn't hold back, lashing out at Instagram, his peers, and his fans.




Later in the day, he regained access to his account, @feliciathegoat. He didn't lose his 648,000 followers after all.


Tyler's Instagram has made headlines in the past. In February, he photobombed tycoon Donald Trump backstage at a Late Night With Jimmy Fallon taping. More recently, he was at the center of a storm due to the ad he directed for Mountain Dew, which featured his compatriots in hip-hop collective Odd Future. Many called the ad racist, although its worst crime might just have been that it wasn't funny.

It's not entirely clear why Tyler was temporarily banned. Perhaps it had something to do with his love of taking selfies while on the can.

Photo by Tyler, the Creator/Instagram

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