Waymo driverless car gets trapped in parking lot until human overrides it

Waymo autonomous taxi gets trapped in a parking lot—drives in circles until employee comes to the rescue

It looped around five times—and waited 8 minutes before assistance came.

On Feb 29, 2024 by Marlon Ettinger

Uber customer speaking with caption 'HOW I ORDER UBERS WITH A FLIP PHONE What about Ubers?' (l) woman holding flip phone with Uber message on screen with Uber logo at bottom (c) woman in back seat of Uber happy (r)

‘So you called a cab …. ?’: Woman gets roasted for showing how she orders an Uber on a flip phone

'i feel so old. this is how my fam called taxis before uber lol.'

On Jun 9, 2023 by Jack Alban

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Taxi driver giving coronavirus patients free rides applauded by hospital staff

The staff surprised him with an envelope full of money and the negative results to his own COVID-19 test.

On Apr 19, 2020 by Rachel Kiley


Google Maps could soon alert you if your taxi driver goes off route

The safety feature could also be used to stop drivers from accumulating a higher fare by taking a longer route.

On Jun 10, 2019 by Mikael Thalen

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The mysterious startup that wants to fill the Uber-sized hole in the heart of Austin

Uber and Lyft's swift departure from the Texas capitol has thrust Get Me in the spotlight.

On May 13, 2016 by Aaron Sankin, Katey Psencik

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How Uber, Lyft, and the taxi industry really stack up

Here’s what it takes to get behind the wheel in major American cities.

On May 13, 2016 by Amrita Khalid

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The unexpected perks of Lyft and Uber’s random encounters

Ridesharing apps have helped subtly change the way we interact.

On May 11, 2016 by Selena Larson

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Inside the campaign that makes you think twice about getting in an Uber

Do you know who's driving you?

On May 10, 2016 by Amrita Khalid

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Can a smartphone app save the taxi industry from Uber?

Hansu Kim has bet the future of his taxi company on the app Flywheel—and he wants others to do the same.

On May 9, 2016 by Aaron Sankin

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How apps can actually disrupt racism


On Jan 13, 2016 by Matt Lubchansky

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5 ways the taxi industry can compete with Uber

'Tis the season to take a cab—or an Uber.

On Dec 21, 2015 by Chris Osterndorf

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Al Roker says taxi driver’s snub was racially motivated

The driver allegedly passed him and picked up a white passenger a block later.

On Nov 22, 2015 by Michelle Jaworski

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Could Bruce Willis and Sam Jackson have stopped that ‘Die Hard 3’ bomb with a cab?

The answer will kind of bum you out.

On Nov 19, 2015 by Christine Friar

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French taxi drivers’ anti-Uber protests are bringing traffic to a halt nationwide

The protests even turned violent earlier this week.

On Jun 25, 2015 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Cabsolutely wants to help taxi companies take down Uber

Are Uber's days now numbered?

On Jun 19, 2015 by AJ Dellinger