Taxi driver giving coronavirus patients free rides applauded by hospital staff

The staff surprised him with an envelope full of money and the negative results to his own COVID-19 test.

Apr 19, 2020, 2:14 pm*



Rachel Kiley

We’ve seen this worldwide health crisis bring out the worst in some people—hoarding, price gouging, Congress continuing to shield corporations with our lives—but fortunately, we’ve also been able to see it bring out the best in others.

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A taxi driver in Spain has been providing coronavirus patients with free rides to and from the hospitals. The staff took notice, and wanted to surprise him with their appreciation for helping out during these tough times.

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They lured him down to the hospital under the pretense of needing to get a sick patient back to their home, but in reality, doctors and nurses lined the hall waiting to applaud him for his good deeds.

“This is a surprise that has been given to a taxi driver who takes patients to the hospital without charge,” wrote the taxi company that first shared the video.

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The man seemed completely taken aback by the gesture, pausing in the middle of the automatic doors as the whole room cheered for him.

He was also given an envelope full of money, and, according to some Spanish speakers who responded to the video, the negative results of his own COVID-19 test.

The video has since been shared tens of thousands of times across the world, because kind gestures break the language barrier.

“When the crisis is finished, there will have been two types of people…the good and the bad,” one user wrote. “With colleagues like him, I am proud to be a taxi driver, son of a taxi driver, and father of a taxi driver.”

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People in different big cities throughout the world have taken to collectively applauding for nurses and doctors fighting COVID-19 on the frontlines every day. And to see those same people who are saving lives turn around and applaud someone who is also devotedly helping those in need right now is pretty humbling.

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And with the world as chaotic as it is right now, just knowing good people are out there doing good deeds is something we can all appreciate.


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*First Published: Apr 19, 2020, 2:13 pm