Donald Trump

Bomb threat called into home of Trump fraud trial judge—days after another was swatted

Trump has repeatedly criticized both judges on Truth Social.

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Right-wing commentator Catturd says he was swatted while recording his podcast

‘I’ll continue to talk truth to power. I won’t stop.’

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people worried over bogus swat calls to schools

Dozens of schools across the nation were swatted this week, raising fears of coordinated campaign

Schools in multiple states were targeted on Monday.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene speaking on news outside

Is Marjorie Taylor Greene being swatted by trans activists or trolls trying to frame them?

Greene was swatted a second time today according to police.

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marjorie taylor greene with police report

EXCLUSIVE: Police say ‘computer-generated voice’ behind swatting attempt of Marjorie Taylor Greene

The caller allegedly blamed Greene’s stance on transgender youth’s rights for the attack.

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Ariana Grande targeted by hoax caller who got her swatted

It’s the second time she’s been a victim of this type of online harassment.

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Fortnite pro - Clix

Teen Fortnite pro swatted during live stream

The Fortnite pro has become a target of abuse.

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Teen who plotted deadly swatting prank over Call of Duty argument gets prison time

The prank left one uninvolved man dead.

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Tyler Barriss swatting prison

Tyler Barriss gets 20-year sentence for deadly swatting prank

The prank call was supposed to help settle an argument over a $1.50 bet between two ‘Call of Duty: WWII’ players.

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palo alto police

Facebook executive hit by swatting prank

Officers told exec had shot wife, taken kids hostage, and placed pipe bombs throughout the home

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Tyler Barriss swatting prison

Man faces 20 years in prison for deadly swatting prank

The Call of Duty incident resulted in the tragic death of a stranger.

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Swatting remains a serious issue for streamers, but the Seattle Police Department may have a solution.

Seattle introduces ‘swatting’ protection measures—but does it go far enough?

It just places responsibility on the victim, some say.

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what is swatting

What you need to know about swatting, gamers’ favorite harassment tactic

Officials still don’t know how to regulate it.

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swatting kansas man death call of duty

3 men charged in fatal ‘Call of Duty’ swatting hoax

A notorious Twitter troll faces life in prison.

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A man charged with 'swatting' accessed his Twitter account last week.

Infamous ‘swatter’ accesses Twitter from jail, calls himself an ‘eGod’

He’s clearly unrepentant.

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