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Reddit’s popular r/place closes on one final ‘F*ck Spez’ note

Reddit users are still upset at its CEO.

On Aug 3, 2023 by Andrea Guzman

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman confirmed that 'open racism' is not against the site's rules.

Reddit CEO says ‘open racism’ is not against site’s rules

Will it be forced to change its policies?

On Apr 11, 2018 by Kris Seavers

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Reddit has not shared Russia findings with Congress, sources say

Lawmakers are encouraging social platforms to submit their findings.

On Mar 7, 2018 by David Gilmour

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Reddit users demand ban for notorious pro-Trump community

The request came as the website announced it had banned Russian-affiliated accounts.

On Mar 5, 2018 by David Gilmour

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Reddit CEO apologizes for altering Trump supporters’ posts

Steve Huffman regrets going to war with r/the_donald.

On Nov 30, 2016 by John-Michael Bond

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Reddit’s CEO confesses to censoring insults he got from pro-Trump users

This was not OK.

On Nov 27, 2016 by Chris Tognotti

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New Reddit CEO says the site will censor harassment and ‘illegal content’

Redditors on both sides of the 'speech' debate are angry and nervous.

On Jul 16, 2015 by Taylor Hatmaker

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Former Reddit chief alleges Ellen Pao didn’t fire Taylor

Did Ellen Pao take the fall for her superior's mistake?

On Jul 13, 2015 by Aaron Sankin

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Vintage interview with Reddit founders reveals the site’s beginnings

A redditor has released an interview with Reddit founders Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian circa 2005, when the site was just getting off the ground.

On Jul 11, 2012 by Lauren Rae Orsini

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Dot Dot Dot: The best and worst of the Web

The empowerment created by the Internet can expose our finer instincts—on both ends of the spectrum.

On Jun 21, 2012 by Nicholas White

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How Reddit’s cofounders built Reddit with an army of fake accounts

In a way, Reddit was built by spam.

On Jun 19, 2012 by Kevin Morris

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What’s “Snew” on Reddit?

Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian details his site's evolution on his Google+ account. And guess what? It wasn't always called Reddit.

On Feb 20, 2012 by Kevin Morris