Saved by the Bell cast

16 things you don’t know about ‘Saved by the Bell’

Think you know ‘Saved by the Bell?’ Think again.

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Mario Lopez to be first male creator for digital network Awestruck

The channel will feature his family.

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Get your ‘Saved By the Bell’ nostalgia at Chicago’s newest pop-up restaurant

#tbt IRL.

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Philadelphia Police Department PSA uses ‘Saved by the Bell’ to say nope to dope

Zach Morris, Jessie Spano, and Charles Ramsey?

On by Gabe Bergado

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8 must-listen podcasts about your favorite TV shows

Where to turn to talk about your favorite binge-watches.

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Why we can’t resist sharing Jimmy Fallon’s videos

‘Saved by the Bell’ is only the latest in a long line of calculated viral hits.

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Why Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Saved by the Bell’ reunion broke the Internet

The show isn’t just a time capsule for a previous generation. It helped invent it.

On by Dan Marcus

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Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Saved by the Bell’ reunion is all the ’90s you can handle

Can you believe it’s really happening?

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The Tumblr that combines feminism and ‘Saved by the Bell’

At the intersection of feminism and fandom, a new genius arises.

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The reason you should buy the new Sony Walkman is why you probably won’t

Nostalgia tech is a double-edged sword.

On by Chris Osterndorf

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Dustin Diamond of ‘Saved by the Bell’ arrested for switchblade possession

It’s the latest controversy for the 37-year-old actor and sex-tape star, best known as class geek Screech.

On by Selena Larson

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You can now watch the beginning of the ‘Saved by the Bell’ movie

It’s our chance to find out what really went down at Bayside High.

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It’s all drama in this new clip for Lifetime’s ‘Saved by the Bell’ movie

If you’re expecting Shakespeare, look elsewhere. This is Lifetime. 

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‘Saved by the Bell’ is getting its own Lifetime movie

Hey, hey, hey, HEY, HEY! What is going on here?

On by Audra Schroeder

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Jim’ll Paint It makes good on his promise

Robocop, Bill Murray, and more than a few offbeat Britishisms have made this MS Paint Tumblr a total hit.

On by Aja Romano

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