Get your ‘Saved By the Bell’ nostalgia at Chicago’s newest pop-up restaurant

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#tbt IRL.

Buckle up, ’90s kids. 

A Saved By the Bell-themed “pop-up diner” has opened in Chicago, and from the Instagram posts, it’s a pretty subversive experience

It’s called Saved by the Max, and it’s decorated just like Zack, Kelly, Slater, and Screech’s after-school hangout spot from the show. 

zack, kelly, mr belding… the whole gang was riding the vibes 🙃

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Vogue got a sneak peek at the experience and shared a couple clutch details

Staff will be dressed in the signature uniform—red T-shirt paired with black shorts or slacks plus a matching apron—and will answer to either “Max” or “Kelly.” Ed Alonzo will reprise the role of namesake magician-owner of The Max and is set to perform magic tricks for the grand opening—just one in the series of late-night Bayside After Dark special events scheduled. Others include Tuesday Saved By the Bell trivia challenges and Sunday performances from the diner’s in-house band, The Zack Attack.

The pop-up premiered Wednesday and will stay open through Aug. 31 with a menu that includes delicacies like the Bayside Burger and A.C. Sliders. 

You’ll eventually be able to make reservations online at, but for the time being, service is first come, first serve.

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