Safari on macOS

Careful what you click: Safari has an unpatched URL vulnerability

It’s a good reminder not to click links in emails.

On by Christina Bonnington

iphone tabs make a person meme

How to use Safari tabs to make celebrity memes on your phone

If you’re bored, why not open a few tabs and create some monsters?

On by David Britton

how to clear cookies in chrome

How to clear cookies from your favorite browser

If you need to clear up your browser, a good place to start is clearing your cookies.

On by John-Michael Bond

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Your browser’s autofill feature could hand your credit card number to criminals

There’s a simple fix—but you’re not going to like it.

On by Andrew Couts

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Google Docs won’t let you swear when using voice typing


On by Selena Larson

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Apple is about to beat Adblock Plus at its own game

Could this be the end of Adblock on Safari?

On by Mike Wehner

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‘Geo-inference’ can reveal your location in all mainstream browsers

Time to start clearing your browser cache.

On by Patrick Howell O’Neill

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The Apple Watch is missing something

No Safari? No problem.

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5 reasons Internet Explorer deserved to suffer a painful, agonizing death

It’s the end of an error.

On by Chris Osterndorf

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Lion gives a commanding speech to San Diego Zoo visitors

Kanye West wouldn’t dare interrupt this speech.

On by Mike Fenn

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In the war between Apple and Google, everyone loses

There can be only one.

On by S.E. Smith

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Apple’s new Safari will let you keep your privacy with default DuckDuckGo search

Don’t ask, don’t tell.

On by Brendan O’Connor

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Google to pay multimillion-dollar settlement for sneaking cookies into iPhones

It’s yet to admit any wrongdoing, but this makes $39.5 million Google has paid to avoid going to court over the issue.

On by Kevin Collier

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This college bro is the unlikely king of Vine

The video service’s latest star will do anything for a laugh.

On by Miles Klee

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Google says U.K. privacy laws don’t apply to it

The company refused to accept the legitimacy of a case filed by a group of British Google users who allege it illegally tracked their online activities.

On by Curt Hopkins

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