A defacement by an alleged Turkish hacker on the WikiLeaks webstore

Alleged Turkish hacker defaces WikiLeaks’ online store

A message accusing the anti-secrecy organization of being 'greedy' was left on numerous subdomains.

On Nov 8, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Are iPhones and social media to blame for Turkey’s plunging economy?

They probably aren't to blame.

On Aug 16, 2018 by Efe Kerem Sozeri

turkey google adwords

How a Turkish political party used Google AdWords to defy censorship

This is ingenious and subversive.

On Jun 11, 2018 by Efe Kerem Sozeri

uber ride-hailing app on smartphone

Turkey is kicking Uber out of the country

Turkey could be joining six countries around the world that have banned Uber.

On Jun 3, 2018 by Kristen Hubby

Homepage article image

Turkey’s new Uber alternative is a government surveillance tool

iTaksi is watching you.

On Jul 29, 2017 by Efe Kerem Sozeri

Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Turkey President Erdoğan interrupts all domestic phone calls with prerecorded message

Erdoğan even tied up the country's emergency line.

On Jul 16, 2017 by Efe Kerem Sozeri

Enes Kantar allegedly detained in a Romanian airport

NBA player who thinks Turkish president is the ‘Hitler of our century’ gets detained in Romanian airport

It didn't stop Kanter from snapping photos with the people guarding him.

On May 20, 2017 by Samantha Grasso

Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Trump congratulates Turkish president on win as State Department questions vote results

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's victory has been described as a 'power grab.'

On Apr 18, 2017 by David Gilmour

Turkish Man with Recep Tayyip Erdogan Phone Case

How bad Googling put a small U.S. town in the middle of a rift between Turkey and the Netherlands

It started as a simple mistake. Then it went way too far.

On Mar 14, 2017 by Efe Kerem Sozeri

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Dutch journalist arrested in Turkey for ‘insulting’ President Erdoğan online

Turkey ranks among the worst countries for press freedoms.

On Apr 25, 2016 by Efe Kerem Sozeri

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Turkey wants Turks in the Netherlands to report anyone who insults President Erdoğan online

Now, the Netherlands is changing the law.

On Apr 22, 2016 by Efe Kerem Sozeri

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Turkish court orders 860 tweets censored after ISP boycott sparked by child-rape scandal

Turkcell got a court to order the tweets censored—but Twitter isn't backing down.

On Apr 12, 2016 by Efe Kerem Sozeri

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How the Internet’s highest-profile prosecutor sits at the center of Turkish corruption

Preet Bharara has become a Turkish celebrity for pursuing what Turkey's government will not: justice.

On Apr 5, 2016 by Efe Kerem Sozeri

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Turkish court hires Gollum witnesses after doctor compares LOTR character to president

It's a landmark case for Turkish meme law.

On Dec 2, 2015 by Efe Kerem Sozeri

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Turkey’s YouTube ban violated free speech, European court rules

This is not the only time Turkey's government has censored the Internet.

On Dec 1, 2015 by Kevin Collier