Pope over LGBTQ flag

‘Based’: Pope Francis is back in conservatives’ good graces after using anti-gay slur

The Pope released a statement apologizing, but online conservatives loved it.

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Pope Francis with hand up in front of blurry grey background

Conspiracy theorists freak after fake photos emerge of the Pope with ‘Satanic priests’

Just like the AI-generated photo of the Pope wearing a puffer coat, the image of the religious leader still fooled some.

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Pope Francis

‘Didn’t wear that huge coat’: Internet blames Pope’s respiratory illness on lack of swaggy AI puffer

‘Simple as that.’

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Pope wearing puffy white jacket

Pope looks dope in puffer coat—thanks to AI

The Pope was briefly cool again.

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Pope Francis pointing at white Twitter bird logo on right

Pope Francis accidentally endorses giving people the bird

His Holiness didn’t understand the reference.

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Megyn Kelly reporting in Vatican City speaking near large group of people (l) Pope Francis speaking into microphone (c)Megyn Kelly reporting in Vatican City hand out speaking near large group of people (r)

‘Not unusual’: Even priests are dumping on Megyn Kelly’s big ‘scoop’ that the Pope may resign

‘Wait, just got word that the Pope is Catholic.’

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pope francis meme copy

The new Pope Francis meme is hilarious for some, problematic for others

Pope Francis presents everything, from bad tweets to Hostess CupCakes.

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pope francis scotch is the real holy water

Pope Francis called Scotch ‘the real holy water’ in video—and the Vatican reportedly censored it

The comment was meant as a ‘good-spirited joke.’

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Pope Francis slapping worshipper inspires frenzy of memes

‘A slap on the hand from the pope used to be just for pedophile priests.’

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This viral video of Pope Francis not letting anyone kiss his hand is weird

He ain’t having it.

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A gay man claims Pope Francis said God 'made you this way.'

Pope Francis called Mary an ‘influencer’—and it didn’t go over well

Weird flex but OK.

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New Click to Pray app lets you pray with Pope Francis

Twitter users have mixed feelings.

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vatican city

Everyone’s making fun of the Vatican’s new official track team


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A gay man claims Pope Francis said God 'made you this way.'

The pope doesn’t want gay people joining the Catholic clergy

In a new book, ‘The Strength of a Vocation,’ Pope Francis said being gay is now ‘fashionable’ which can influence the clergy negatively.

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A gay man claims Pope Francis said God 'made you this way.'

Gay man says Pope Francis told him that God ‘made you this way’ and ‘loves you this way’

When it comes to the LGBTQ community, the pope still has a lot of work to do.

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