President Joe Biden at a CNN town hall

Biden blames low vaccine numbers on minorities not knowing how to get ‘online’

The remark came during a CNN town hall where Biden was asked about racial disparities and Covid-19.

On Feb 17, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes roasted after old ‘master race of beautiful black people’ tweet resurfaces

'Washington has been taken over by a master race of beautiful black people. I wish they'd all stay.'

On Nov 24, 2020 by Mikael Thalen

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Pitzer College students requesting non-white roommate spark national debate

The responses from administrators highlight a growing debate on reverse racism and safe spaces.

On Aug 13, 2016 by April Siese

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Reminder: Even white students can benefit from affirmative action

As SCOTUS rejected an anti-affirmative action case today, a reminder that the initiative isn't just about race.

On Jun 23, 2016 by Mary Emily O'Hara

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Director calls Stonewall ‘a white event,’ blames internet for his dud movie

Roland Emmerich just dug himself an even deeper hole.

On Jun 23, 2016 by Mary Emily O'Hara

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Twitter users ask: Why isn’t Juneteenth a national holiday?

Today marks 150 years of celebrating slavery's abolition.

On Jun 19, 2016 by Mary Emily O'Hara

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The groundbreaking scientist behind the film ‘Hidden Figures’

You need to know Katherine Johnson. Here's why.

On Feb 16, 2016 by Cynthia McKelvey

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Meet the filmmakers raising funds for the first teen comedy about black girls

Lauren Domino and Angela Tucker are kickstarting a teen movie—but this one's in color.

On Nov 28, 2015 by Nayomi Reghay

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Police arrest man for shooting threats against students at University of Missouri

Police say the 19-year-old threatened to 'shoot every black person I see.'

On Nov 11, 2015 by Dell Cameron

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Black trans lives matter

If we believe that black lives matter, then we must love and protect black trans women too.

On Aug 13, 2015 by [email protected]

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7 questions black people are tired of hearing about the ‘N-word’

Don't make the same mistake as Hulk Hogan.

On Jul 24, 2015 by Derrick Clifton

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Obama’s low-income broadband initiative could change the lives of millions of Americans

Every household in America needs access to the Internet—and it's time to bring them online.

On Jul 16, 2015 by Matthew Rozsa

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This is how cops treat a white man who gunned down nine innocent people

Not even white criminals are exempt from white privilege.

On Jun 19, 2015 by Derrick Clifton

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Mom’s Facebook post might make you reconsider stereotypes about the police

'There’s a lot of good in this world and people want to hear positive stories,' said Nada Owusu.

On May 19, 2015 by Josh Katzowitz

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What’s behind the backlash against ‘over-sensitivity’ on the Internet?

Don't worry: Trigger warnings aren't here to ruin your Greek myths.

On May 18, 2015 by Miri Mogilevsky