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Pick-up artist crashes Meetup-organized event, fails spectacularly

Pick-up artists won't quit.

On May 21, 2016 by April Siese

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This sex-positive Meetup group wants to take the shame out of having great sex

In the age of Tinder and hookup culture, people are still embarrassed to talk about sex. But this group wants to change that.

On Jun 16, 2015 by Britany Robinson

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I went on mom dates on MeetUp.com, and it was just the worst

There's nothing on earth more terrifying than a roomful of frazzled, sleep-deprived new moms.

On Mar 14, 2015 by Phaea Crede

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3 reasons you should stop making New Year’s resolutions

Self-improvement is great, but making promises you won't keep helps no one.

On Dec 31, 2014 by Nico Lang

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The ghost hunters of Meetup

Who you gonna call? 

On Oct 30, 2014 by Molly McHugh

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Here’s how your favorite sites are joining Internet Slowdown Day

From banners to pop-ups to custom homepage content, major websites are getting in the spirit for Internet Slowdown Day.

On Sep 10, 2014 by Eric Geller

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How Meetup got the Internet to start hanging out—IRL

Before there was Tinder—before there was Facebook—there was Meetup: The original support of using the Internet to create real life moments. 

On Apr 3, 2014 by Jack Flanagan

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Online harassment almost ruins women-only Reddit meetup

When the women of r/Seattle announced a ladies-only meetup, angry male redditors harassed them into canceling. The event has since been rescheduled.

On Jul 19, 2012 by Michelle Jaworski

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Instagram announces 5th Global Instameet

On July 26, Instagrammers in 377 cities—and counting—will meet up to "go on an adventure."

On Jun 26, 2012 by Jordan Valinsky

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This ain’t Twitter country

In small towns like Kalispell, Montana, the Occupy movement doesn't rely on big social networks to spread the word.

On Nov 15, 2011 by Justin Franz

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Reddit Global Meetup Day, the Monday after

Redditors from over 160 locations around the world congregated on Saturday for Global Reddit Meetup Day, the once-a-year event that encourages the often-reclusive users of the social news site to get together socially.

On Jun 27, 2011 by Kevin Morris

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Redditors invade Governors Island

Nearly 40 members of social news site Reddit congregated on a corner of New York City’s Governors Island earlier today, where they tossed a frisbee, ate muffins, played whiffle ball, and chatted about topics ranging from video games to programming to New York University.

On Jun 25, 2011 by Kevin Morris