Pick-up artist crashes Meetup-organized event, fails spectacularly


Photo via Trisha Fawver/Flickr

Pick-up artists won’t quit.

Pick-up artistry is apparently alive and well.

Well, maybe not thriving but it’s certainly still out there. Those who buy into the PUA life are still negging and giving women that DDB look that gives them the creeps.

Neil Strauss, who wrote the book on getting chicks with dehumanizing tactics, disavowed the whole thing last year. The PUA community has since been left scrambling for ways to keep The Game going—with or without Strauss.

What’s a desperate PUA to do when the bar scene isn’t cutting it and he’s left unsupported? Why, crash something a bit more cerebral, of course.

Postlight co-founder and writer Paul Ford hosted an event on content strategy on Wednesday. By all accounts, it was a resounding success!

The one person not reaping the benefits of an engaging dialogue on online and mobile publishing was this guy.

Ford highlights a problem he says he never thought he’d expect from trying to get the word out about Postlight. Apparently, PUAs have crashed previous events in hopes of networking that dick so you can see deez nuts. Or something.

There’s a time and a place to try to pick up chicks as a PUA. Last time I checked, that’s never.

Good luck with your future ventures, unnamed pick-up artist. Perhaps you’ll pick a meeting that ends up striking your fancy and transform into someone with more passions than this.

April Siese

April Siese

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