man greenscreen TikTok pointing to highlighted text ''Hi, I want to ask about your username account policy. The username I want is @nonsense.' (l) Man greenscreen TikTok speaking over account policy email caption 'i honestly want usernames back' (c) man greenscreen TikTok pointing to highlighted text caption ' MEDIUM Hello, Thanks for writing in. Per our username policy, we were able to reclaim the username from the inactive user.' (r)

‘It’s actually worked for me quite a few times’: TikToker reveals how to get the username you want—even if it’s taken

‘There’s someone on IG who has the username I want and they posted one photo in 2011.’

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Hands on a steering wheel.

‘Continues driving under a new name’: Survivor of sexual assault by Lyft driver says company, government is ignoring her case

‘They asked me why I was ‘comfortable’ recounting my gang-rape.’

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CV Vitolo-Haddad

White graduate student confesses to faking Black identity

The student was called out in a Medium post.

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krassenstein brothers

How 2 ex-Twitter grifters helped build Joe Biden’s defense against Tara Reade

They’re back.

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Laura Loomer and Mike Cernovich

Medium suspends accounts of popular far-right commenters

Medium is cracking down too.

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Ex of Oakland warehouse fire victim pens emotional post about their life through music

‘We grew each other up, in so many ways.’

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A new site wants to talk to you about your uterus

Ask Me About My Uterus focuses on the bloody, beautiful realities of womanhood.

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This woman went viral for mocking VR—but the truth is more complex

She actually works in VR, but knows these headsets look ridiculous.

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7 reasons why Facebook can never replace Twitter

Facebook’s new Notes feature is meant to appeal to Medium and Twitter users. Here’s why it won’t work.

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Facebook redesigns Notes to take on blogging sites like Medium

Taking a page (sorry) from Medium.

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Burning Man has its own version of Cub Scouts

‘I like Burning Man better than Disney World.’

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It’s still too hard to get your first Bitcoin

If bitcoins are digital property, then they should be as easy to obtain as shopping reward points.

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The Apple Watch is missing something

No Safari? No problem.

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To Facebook’s computers, your face looks like a monster

Art project’s 3D masks deconstruct Facebook’s facial recognition technology.

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Stephen Tully Dierks, Tao Lin, and the alt lit scene’s rape problem

Within a young publishing clique, patterns of abuse have emerged.  

On by Miles Klee

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