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A year in the life of Lil B’s warped Twitter

Casting curses is just the beginning.


Samantha Grasso


The man, the myth, the Based God Lil B enjoyed quite the low-key 2016. Though the rapper, writer, and public speaker hyped the production of his upcoming mixtape Black Ken throughout the year, he released the tape’s first official single “My House” just this week. 

And sure, the infamous Based God curses cast and rescinded upon athletes Kevin Durant and James Harden might have made occasional headlines, but Lil B’s public persona remained relatively quiet otherwise. 

Online, however, the artist’s Twitter account tells an entirely different story, one grander than basketball superstition and #FunSpiderFacts

Known for his social media networking skills, from following 1.47 million Twitter accounts by hand (the account of this writer included) to creating more than 100 Myspace accounts to share his music, the artist born Brandon McCartney peppered his 2016 captain’s tweet log with some of the most entertaining, inspiring, even downright perverse nuggets of internet gold. 

But while the Based God has garnered 1.34 million followers over the past seven years, his affinity for retweeting many of his Based believers and auto-tweeting links to his other social media channels have effectively buried his words of wisdom. 

So, instead of leaving such unfortunate souls to their own devices to seek out these pockets of positivity, we’ve done the work to bring you the best of the Based God in 2016.






Yeah, it was a big month for the Based God and his curses…

What an interesting tweet just seven months later, huh?


Lil B must have been feeling particularly patriotic that week.


Uhh, what do you mean, “if they’re not human…”?

We’ve all been there, Lil B.

Lil B is honestly hashtag decent human being goals.

For the record, Lil B was 26 at the time he posted this tweet.


OK buddy, let’s not get too excited on the Vladimir Putin love here…

Yes, OK, this is not actually a tweet, but it’s too good to pass up—just look at how nature-y Lil B’s nature walk is.

Solidarity—we dig it.

A pet take so hot you might just get burned.


Brb, forever calling memes “lil jokes.”

This is much more kind than any message I would mention Tomi Lahren with.

Honestly this deserves a million retweets.

Lil B expands his patriotism.


He’s also a huge fan of defensive driving, we see.

We’re welcome.

Tweeted like a true animal lover.

The Based God has spoken.


I personally felt the love via tweet on that day.

Anyone else starting to see a pattern here with Lil B’s problematic faves?


If there’s anything I’ve learned from the Based God, it’s to never stop hustling.

Honestly, yeah.

You’re welcome, and may your 2017 be blessed by the Based God, too.

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