best gaming keyboard

These are the best gaming keyboards for every budget

10 of the best gaming pads to own noobs online and off.

On Aug 15, 2018 by Jaime Carrillo

Firerose glowing keyboard

This glowy mechanical keyboard is like a unicorn for your desk

Play in the dark like a boss.

On May 23, 2017 by Colette Bennett

best keyboard for every type

The best keyboard for every type

One does not simply just buy any keyboard.

On Mar 14, 2017 by Larry Frum

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Class up your office with a bamboo wireless keyboard

This is definitely a good look.

On Feb 21, 2017 by Colette Bennett

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Tango now lets you post GIFs from the largest user-generated database in the world

Yes, Trash Dove is already available.

On Feb 14, 2017 by Phillip Tracy

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Jam out on the go with a mini USB-powered Midi keyboard

Making music has never been easier.

On Dec 28, 2016 by Colette Bennett

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Gboard is Google’s awesome new iOS keyboard, and here’s how it works

A third-party keyboard you'll quickly get used to.

On May 12, 2016 by Selena Larson

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GIPHY Keys makes it easier than ever to send GIFs in any iOS app

You don't have to toggle between text and GIFs.

On May 3, 2016 by Selena Larson

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Prevent companies from tracking you through your typing behavior with a Chrome extension

If you're worried about companies building a typing behavior profile of you, this is the extension to install.

On Jul 28, 2015 by Patrick Howell O'Neill

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Xbox One to get a major Windows 10 overhaul

Phil Spencer says Xbox One will get keyboard and mouse support.

On Jul 22, 2015 by Imad Khan

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Moky’s crowdfunded keyboard doubles as a full-size trackpad

Didn't see that coming.

On Jun 5, 2015 by AJ Dellinger

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Ryan Seacrest can no longer sell this Blackberry copycat iPhone case

Apple fans should tip their hat to BlackBerry this time.

On Jun 1, 2015 by Mike Wehner

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Americans prefer food emoji while Canadians love guns and poop

Russia has some surprising emoji use.

On Apr 21, 2015 by AJ Dellinger

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The best emoji keyboards for your phone

The boring old keyboard just isn't enough. Thankfully, third-party developers are busy making you some emoji and GIF alternatives.

On Apr 8, 2015 by Elizabeth Robinson

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How I mastered the art of ninja-speed texting

I had to master QWERTY, tame my thumbs, and battle the real estate broker that is my tiny phone screen.

On Apr 5, 2015 by [email protected]