Paul Massaro with Capitol building and Commission On Security And Cooperation In Europe logo over blue

Congressional human rights commission slammed for appointing staff director with social media history boosting Holocaust perpetrators

‘So, one of your senior leaders is the guy who is glorifying Nazis…’

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David Irving in 2012 over himself speaking in 1955 overlayed with question marks

‘I’m not convinced’: Ambiguous reporting about death of infamous Holocaust denier leads to memes questioning his existence

Reports of Irving’s death were questioned after he spent a lifetime questioning Holocaust deaths.

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Jewish Influencer sharing the #wouldyouhideme concept on tiktok

#WouldYouHideMe: Fashion influencer ignites debate over safety of American Jews

‘Fresh beat, fresh manicure, in a hotel, a ring light set up.’

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Pixar Studio entrance

Gab users are making AI-generated images of Hitler in a Pixar movie

‘How long before they shut it down?’

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Elon Musk smiling with headphones and microphone in front of black fabric background

‘Unprecedented spread of antisemitic ideology’: Elon Musk, Twitter hit with hate speech lawsuit in Germany

The lawsuit, launched by HateAid, said Twitter and Musk are not enforcing their own speech policies.

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Kanye West speaking with Reddit logo to his left

Kanye West subreddit rebrands into Taylor Swift fan page, Holocaust awareness content following appearance on Alex Jones’ ‘InfoWars’

The rapper praised Hitler and Nazis in his latest interview.

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woman making expression of disgust caption the 'Holocaust' is an historical fiction created during the 60's after the six day war to justify the existence of Isreal' (l) Jewish prayer book religious objects on blue table (c) man holding snake caption 'Don't talk about Jews and snakes in the same video please thats shatanic' (r)

‘The scariest part is there are a lot more people that think the same thing’: Jewish TikTokers showcase antisemitism on the video-sharing platform

‘The scariest part is there are a lot more people that think the same thing.’

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an elf in a basement

Antisemites, Holocaust deniers flood comments on trailer for Seth Rogen Christmas movie

Comments on the YouTube trailer for ‘Santa Inc.’ are being celebrated by far-right extremists.

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Homepage article image

‘I’m horrified beyond words’: Influencer poses at Holocaust Memorial, sparking outrage

‘Don’t do this, ever.’

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‘You are absolutely not promoting freedom, but promoting hate’: Holocaust survivor criticizes Joe Rogan in viral TikTok

Rogan posted a video against vaccine mandates that included Holocaust imagery.

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marjorie taylor greene holocaust museum apology

After visiting Holocaust Museum, Marjorie Taylor Greene says genocide isn’t the same as a mask mandate

Almost no one is buying her apology, though.

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Homepage article image

‘This sounds horrible’: Holocaust video game sparks outrage

‘Seriously who thought a Holocaust video game would be a good idea?’

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ben shapiro and marjorie taylor greene

‘When you lose Ben Shapiro you’re in trouble’: Even Ben Shapiro thinks Marjorie Taylor Greene went too far with her Holocaust comparison

‘Just agreed with Ben Shapiro on Marjorie Taylor’s stance on her holocaust comparison, and this feels really awkward.’

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A tweet over a crowd of people wearing masks

News site retracts essay comparing COVID lockdown to Anne Frank and the Holocaust

Although the outlet has pulled the article, many are questioning why it was approved in the first place.

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holocaust center george floyd exhibit

Holocaust museum adds George Floyd exhibit—and conservatives lose their minds

One anti-Semitic activist said ‘it is an insult to the memory of the 6 million’ to talk about George Floyd in a Holocaust museum.

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