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The 2024 election’s first internet star has quite the name

The new Ken Bone.


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An Illinois farmer named Dick Bigger Jr., from Biggsville, Illinois went viral on Twitter after a picture was posted of Illinois Gov. J. B. Pritzker (D) signing baseballs for him at the Illinois State Fair. 

Who is Dick Bigger?

The farmer is apparently an Illinois institution, and asks lots of politicians to sign a baseball for him at the state fair. The jokes pretty much wrote themselves. 

“Every politician in Illinois knows that if you don’t go to the state fair and sign Dick Bigger’s balls, you have no chance of winning your election,” tweeted @rckffh.

“Today I learned that Dick Bigger, of Biggsville, Illinois, likes to get his balls signed by Democrat politicians each year at the Fair,” wrote @sidewayskoyote. “This is not a shitpoast.”

“If he ran for president I’d vote for him,” tweeted @AvocadoMolotov. “I don’t care about his platform.”

“This guy’s home county has like 6,000 people and voted for Trump and Darren Bailey by nearly 40%, yet last year he was cutting ads for Chicago Democrat Susana Mendoza,” wrote @btpanko. Call it Big D Energy.

Bigger first went viral last year too when a screenshot of that ad, titled “Growth Spurt,” went around.

“She’s a firecracker,” Bigger said about Mendoza, who was elected Illinois Comptroller in 2022 by over 15%.

Bigger comes from a rich heritage of Dick Biggers, journalist Timothy Burke found out. Dick’s father was also Dick Bigger, and his mother was called Dixie Bigger.

“How did the campaign google him during their vetting process?” asked Twitter user @shoupshouts. 

“in incognito mode,” replied Burke dryly. 

“’Dick Bigger’ is trending on Twitter,” Twitter user @UncleFunkbeard wrote yesterday. “Yes, Dick Bigger, Jr. appears to be a real guy featured in an ad running in Illinois. But don’t click on the trend. You’ll see a lot of tweets more disturbing than a political ad.”

“When the last rural Democrat in Illinois is vanquished, Dick Bigger will remain,” tweeted @btpanko.

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