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‘I wouldn’t even know how to tell the owners’: Woman said she was dogsitting for her neighbors while they were on vacation. The dog died on the last day

'This happened to me with my BOSSES’ on CHRISTMAS.'


Phil West


Posted on Jul 6, 2023

A woman who was dogsitting for a neighbor experienced one of the worst things imaginable in that situation – the dog died.

The TikTok video chronicling the tragedy came from creator Lindsey Harper (@lindsforthegirls). It generated more than two million views.

The short video conveys its message through a shot of Harper looking mortified and an on-screen caption reading, “When your neighbors ask you to watch their chocolate lab since they’re on vacation and it DIES your last day of dogsitting.”


I genuinely wish I was making this up

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The accompanying caption reads, “I genuinely wish I was making this up.”

Commenters were ahgast. The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

“I would never recover, I wouldn’t even know how to tell the owners.”

“This happened to me with a cat,” someone else shared. “The cleaning ladies found her before I did and they were traumatized.”

“Nah this happened to me with my BOSSES’ on CHRISTMAS,” another revealed.

One revealed a story in which dogsitting clients were morbidly already prepared. “When I was 10, I dog sat for neighbors and they told me ‘if he dies while we’re gone there’s a grave already dug out back.’”

Viewers demanded a story time, and a storytime was delivered.

In a follow-up video, Harper revealed the sad tale of the dog’s demise. The dog, who was named Jake, was “so old,” either 13 or 14, and was clearly having trouble on his last night. She also said when she found the dog dead in the morning and had to call the family, that they were understanding and took the news better than some might have.

She also revealed that when they paid her in full for the job via Venmo, the memo read, “He’s in a better place now” and included a wings emoji.

One commenter theorized, “Jake was probably waiting for a time to pass when his family wasn’t around because a lot of animals don’t want to pass around family.”

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*First Published: Jul 6, 2023, 10:19 pm CDT