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‘I’ll see you in Oregon’: Girl shares conspiracy theory that her dad’s death was staged. Viewers think he’s in witness protection

‘Feels illegal to watch this’


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On August 16, 2015, Troy Johnson crashed while flying over the Pacific Ocean and was never found. His daughter Alison (@alisonnfit) breaks down the video footage on TikTok and has a theory that the video is fake. Viewers are convinced he is still alive and being held somewhere in Oregon.

Alison’s video has reached over 9.7 million views on TikTok as of Saturday. 

In the video, she says her dad worked with the government and they lived on a mini airport.

@alisonnfit STORYTIME 🌊 August 16, 2015: my dad crashed in the pacific ocean and was never found. I need another bottle of wine tbh (had to start whispering cause i saw my dog was sleeping) #fyp #foryou #planecrash #dad #conspiracytherory #conspiracytiktok #planecrashes ♬ original sound – Alison

“We owned like four-to-five planes through the company he worked for,” she says. She doesn’t know too much about the company but says, “All I knew is we were just flying, my whole childhood.” 

Just recently Alison received the footage of the plane crash, she says. She watched it for the first time the night before “after seven years.”

She shows the map of his route showing that he made a pit stop in Palmdale, California, to get gas for his plane. “Which is so weird because he never stops in Palmdale,” she says. “He always has enough gas topped off to get him from point A to point B as long as he’s not flying cross country.”

From Palmdale, the map shows he went off the coast 460 miles and crashed: “Their story is that he lost consciousness and crashed.”

Alison pulls a news video from YouTube from 7 years ago, with only 1,500 views. She gives the audience a snippet of the news broadcast from YouTube. 

“Another important piece of information is that he was connected to a tower and stopped responding,” she says. There were two other planes flying with Troy that day.  She says the Coast Guard told her, “they watched him crash into the Pacific Ocean.”

Alison says there is no video footage of his body, even though the Coast Guard’s told them you could see Troy inside the plane.  

“The plane’s autopilot continued on its course until its fuel supply was exhausted and descended into the ocean,” Alison reads off her laptop. “They suspended the search with no plans to resume after 20 hours,” she says. 

They claim to have sent boats, but Alison says they never got a record of that actually happening. 

Next, she shows the video footage she received of the crash. “You guys tell me if you think it’s sketchy,” she says. 

In an all black-and-white, pixelated video, the plane is shown already crashed, floating in the ocean. “There was no footage of the plane actually descending into the ocean, which I thought was so weird,” she adds. After a couple of seconds, everything disappears and the footage is very blurry, just showing the ocean. Alison fast-forwards the video, and all that’s shown is the tail of the plane sticking out from under the water.

“Half of me, my heart is like breaking, and the other half is like, is it even real?” she says.

Alison says her family never got closure. “We never got a body, so watching this is like, is he in there? Or was he actually not?” she says. 

Alison shares shocking information with the audience that makes her believe her theory even more. “The day before, my dad sent me a text and said that if all things go well tomorrow, ‘I’ll see you, in Oregon’,” she says. 

“He never says that,” she adds. Alison says she does believe her dad is dead, but that it doesn’t defer from the fact she is sketched out by the situation. 

“If he shows up one day I don’t even think it would surprise me,” she says. 

One viewer left a comment to try and help her find him: “Do a 23and me… if he has a new life he may have other biological children that you can find.” 

A confused viewer says, “For them to say he made a pit stop for gas and then randomly ran out..”

“RIGHT!!!!” Alison responds. 

Multiple theorists in the comments think she should go to Oregon to find clues. “You have the first piece of the puzzle,” one says, “you gotta go to Oregon.” 

“I feel like he’s in witness protection in Oregon,” another says. Alison responds saying “100%”

“Post pictures of him and let TikTok find him,” another says. 

Alison has gone viral previously for recounting her time in Nashville as a server and waiting on a nightmare bachelorette party.

It’s unclear if Troy Johnson worked for the government or for a company that received security clearance to work with the government. As Distractify notes, the TV broadcast reporting his death notes that he was an aeronautical engineer.

The Daily Dot reached out to Alison via TikTok direct message. 

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