John Rich in front of apocalyptic scene

Deplatformed: Save a Horseman of the Apocalypse

Former country superstar John Rich has found a new calling–prophet of the apocalypse.

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mason ramsey grown up new music walmart yodel boy

People on TikTok are realizing Walmart ‘Yodeling Boy’ Mason Ramsey still makes music—and it’s actually quite good

We’ve watched Mason Ramsey’s rise from singing in Walmart to his newfound TikTok fame, where users are shocked by how good his new songs are.

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The Chicks(l), Toby Keith(r)

‘Imma be quiet’: Dixie Chicks fans subtweet the heck out of Toby Keith in wake of his passing

Fans have not forgiven him.

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Maren Morris is leaving country music because of 'Trump years' and use of music in 'culture wars'

Maren Morris is leaving country music due to ‘Trump years,’ use of music in ‘culture wars’

Tucker Carlson previously dubbed Morris a ‘lunatic country person.’

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Jason Aldean singing into microphone on stage while holding guitar

After insisting ‘Try That In A Small Town’ isn’t racist, Jason Aldean deletes Black Lives Matter clip from music video

The changes have not been explained.

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Cardi B in front of blue and red background (l) Jason Aldean in front of blue and gold background (r)

Sexually repressed right-wingers would rather you sing about shooting people than ‘WAP’

You don’t need a bucket and a mop for small town values.

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Jason Aldean in front of blue and gold background

‘Mostly meth’: Small-town residents push back over Jason Aldean’s controversial country hit glamorizing middle America

‘Where do you people get this romanticized view of middle America?’

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Chicago Police star sign on brown square wall

EXCLUSIVE: Anti-trans Travis Tritt like prompts internal investigation by Chicago Police into its own Twitter account

‘I will be deleting all Anheuser-Busch products from my tour hospitality rider,’ Tritt wrote.

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Travis Tritt with arms out with guitar and microphone in front of dark background

Eve6 wrecks Travis Tritt with old photo after he announces he’s banning Bud Light from tour

Tritt was made fun of on Twitter Thursday for a flashy outfit after boycotting Bud Light company.

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Video shows Morgan Wallen using racist slur

Video shows country star Morgan Wallen using racist slur

Wallen’s music was promptly yanked from hundreds of radio stations.

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Homepage article image

Country star Tyler Rich details finding body during run on Instagram

‘All I see is a lifeless face covered in blood.’

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cowboy tiktok

This Luke Bryan song is an anti-Trump anthem on TikTok

Yes, liberal cowboys exist.

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travis tritt

Travis Tritt memed for complaining about Photoshopped image

The country singer’s rant about the ‘dishonest left’ has only encouraged more and better trolling.

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lady antebellum and lady a

After being called out, Lady Antebellum changes name to Lady A

The band has received criticism for its name for almost a decade.

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garth brooks bernie sanders

Bernie or Barry? Garth Brooks’ Sanders jersey sparks online panic

Just a delightful mixup.

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