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Deplatformed: Save a Horseman of the Apocalypse

Former country superstar John Rich has found a new calling–prophet of the apocalypse.


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If you were around in the late 2000s, listening to the radio or watching college football, at some point in your life you encountered the ballads of Big & Rich.

The pop-country duo of Big Kenny and John Rich struck it … big with their hit “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” and were a ubiquitous presence on TV Saturday mornings, as “Comin’ to Your City” became the theme song for ESPN’s wildly popular college football morning show.

The duo hasn’t produced an album since 2017 or dropped a certified banger in even longer, but John Rich has plenty to keep himself occupied—namely a Rumble channel where he’s filing people in on the end of the world.

In an extremely low-grade approximation of a podcast, Rich shares conversations with his dad about the coming apocalypse and popular phrases around them.

Rich’s father is, according to Jesus Wired dot com, a pastor who says the first book he ever read of the Bible was Revelations. He seems obsessed with the end times and believes that the apostle John, in his writing, predicted the future of the world’s sinful life. And he’s decoded it all.

In a video discussing the Mark of the Beast, a longtime conspiratorial obsession, the Riches believe that John’s predictions have already come true.

According to the video, in Revelations, John describes a seven-headed beast with 10 horns, meaning some of the heads had extra horns and were more powerful.

This describes—Rich says—the G7. The G7 is a working group of powerful nations—including the U.S., China, Germany—who coordinate on economic issues and, in conspiratorial parlance, control the world. The seven nations are, Rich said, the seven heads of the Beast.

Rich says the G7 is set to rule for 42 months and these “globally controlling group of nations will openly turn against god, and genuine Christians” and will be empowered by the Devil.

The G7 has been around since 1973, but that discrepancy doesn’t get addressed.

Rich also delved into the linguistics of the Mark of the Beast. He said that years ago he researched the phrase “mark,” and claimed that, in the oldest manuscripts of Revelations that exist, the word he found meant “to mar or damage” the skin “with a sharp pointed object of some kind.”

Thus, the Mark of the Beast is something that needs to be surgically applied and penetrate the skin, applied by a global group of nations.

You may see where this is going.

The G7 is implementing microchips into people.

“Today there is no doubt that an implanted electronic device, no matter how small, could be placed under the skin, under the hand, so that a scanner could pick you up, read who you are. If that happens, if someone takes that device, they have become united with this devilish satanic empowered global empire. You’re done.”

Given that people are “already doing that,” the Riches believe the time is nigh. Especially given that the gullibility of the masses was just recently tested thanks to COVID-19.

Said the younger Rich, “the vaccine is almost a beta test to see how far they could push people and the great majority did it, even against their own will.”

And if you don’t take it, you’ll be “enemies of the state, enemies of the beast” and the G7 will kill you. The elder Rich also has determined that the supposedly demonic slate of numbers, 666, is, well, the internet.

That’s because, according to him, it’s an undeniable fact that the only language John spoke was Hebrew and that there were “no numbers” in ancient Hebrew.

So John didn’t actually see 666, but rather WWW and stated, without this, “men would not be able to buy or sell.”

As such, John predicted the rise of e-commerce and that the predominance of it in our modern society is proof the devil is here.

“Today, we use WWW constantly buying and selling,” Rich says.

Right now, Rich said, men still can choose to use cash or check, but “time will come that will be a forced fact on the developed world a digital dollar… Bottom line … you’ll have to worship this global financial empire.”

Anyway, in news that probably isn’t blasphemous … John Rich started his own non-woke bank called Old Glory Bank, after being outraged that Bank of America allegedly shared customer details with the government.

Will his bank operate digitally and track customer purchases? Well yes, as it’s an FDIC-insured bank operating under the charter of …. The U.S. global empire.

But! It does have overdraft protection

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