Man makes his landlord cookies each month to keep rent at $650

‘My budget depends on it’: Man makes his landlord cookies each month to keep rent at $650

‘I would deep clean his house once a month for 650 rent lol.’

On by Vladimir Supica

waitress speaking in car (l) Waitress holding up empty tip jar (c) waitress speaking in car holding papers (r)

‘I’ve been talking to someone at the federal department of labor’: Server quits job because manager withholds tips. Then she gets a call from a blocked number (Updated)

‘What restaurant do me and my partner need to stay away from ?’

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Amy Chai speaking in front of tan wall (l) Amy Chai speaking in front of tan wall (r)

Dirty Delete: Anti-trans candidate invents new slurs for trans people

You may never have heard of Chai until she landed on the national stage with an embarrassing thud.

On by Claire Goforth

Stephen Barone self-described trigger happy cop

Officer who said he was ‘trigger-happy’ in viral video has been fired

He also said he gets ‘paid a ton of money in overtime if I have to shoot somebody.’

On by Alex Dalbey

Dog in a suit

Dogs and cats now get legal support in Connecticut courts

Connecticut judges can appoint legal advocates to work on behalf of animal abuse victims.

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alex jones channel

The NBC station where Sandy Hook is located will not air Megyn Kelly’s interview with Alex Jones

Out of respect for the families of the Sandy Hook victims.

On by Bryan Rolli

Camera and yearbooks

Student with autism left entirely out of her high school yearbook

‘This is not right. You guys got every other kid but me.’

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Andrew Mellon Library at Choate Rosemary Hall

Sexual abuse at Connecticut boarding school persisted for decades, investigation finds

12 former faculty members have been accused of sexual misconduct.

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Homepage article image

Connecticut may approve the use of lethally armed drones for police departments

The original bill wasn’t supposed to allow this.

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Why no one should take a video selfie in front of a dumpster fire

Should’ve seen that coming.

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Museum toasts Penguin Awareness Day with 3D-printed models

The Bruce Museum making display items more accessible.

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Gubernatorial candidates debating over yachts is 2014 election in nutshell

A rising tide of sex slaves lifts all yachts.

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High school soccer coach sends Snapchat masturbation video to entire team

He claims it was an accident. Oops. 

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Online dating meets ‘Gilligan’s Island’ in ‘Love Prison’

It might have been wiser for A&E to stick to reality shows that bear some semblance of reality.

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Rabbi finds $98K in a desk bought on Craigslist—and returns it

You’ve got to practice what you preach.

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