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Dirty Delete: Anti-trans candidate invents new slurs for trans people

You may never have heard of Chai until she landed on the national stage with an embarrassing thud.


Claire Goforth


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Dr. Amy Chai is so transphobic she’s invented new slurs for transgender people.

Chai is a long-shot Independent Party candidate for Congress in Connecticut. She placed a distant third for the seat in 2022.

If you don’t spend your days scrolling replies to weird right-wingers’ tweets, you may never have heard of Chai until she landed on the national stage with an embarrassing thud.

Chai, who is an actual medical doctor, mistook an anus for a reconstructed vagina. And she tweeted the picture, along with the claim that she “has had [her] hands in this.” Even funnier: the photo is from a gay porn and the actor’s scrotum is visible.

“Some people hate science,” Chai commented, which wasn’t quite the gotcha she probably imagined it would be.

Chai is hanging her hat on being anti-trans. She accuses transgender people of “transplaining,” being “dick bullies,” and calls them “FERTs (Female Exclusionary Radical Transactivist).”

Yet on her campaign website, Chai declares, “I cannot enforce tolerance. But I can model it.” Her definition of tolerance is a strange one indeed.

Admittedly, there’s a lot of strange going on with Chai’s online presence.

Chai proudly proclaims that she has no filter. She may want to invest in one, because her tweets are terrible.

“FAFO finest,” she quipped in response to someone calling the human beings “speed bumps” after a cop ran them over.

Chai laughingly blamed liberals in San Francisco for the tragic murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee. “I wonder if they will consider voting diff….nah. Lol,” she tweeted.

A recent report that Chinese President Xi Jinping is preparing for war inspired Chai to exclaim, “Awesome sauce!”

And somehow she’s surprised that people troll her.

While this may be surprising, it’s less of a surprise that someone with views like hers wants to amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to make opinions a protected class.

Chai is on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Dirtiest Delete

Most people never get their chance to be Twitter’s main character of the day. In this regard, Chai is something of an overachiever.

It took her less than two years to earn net notoriety by confusing an asshole for a vagina.

If only she’d looked beyond the gaping nether eye fast enough to smash that delete button.

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