Swiftie speaks out about tragic death of Ana Benevides at Eras Tour

‘I was not safe at the concert’: Swiftie at same show as Ana Benevides speaks out over Eras Tour conditions

‘OK, I’m dying, this is what dying is like’

On by Grace Fowler

Brazil flag with blue sky

Facebook approved ad calling for violence in Brazil even after riots broke out

Global Witness submitted 16 ads promoting violence in Brazil. Fourteen were approved.

On by Jacob Seitz

Colonel Sanders (l) Jair Bolsonaro (r)

‘The American gut biome is uniquely strong’: People find connection between Bolsonaro photographed eating KFC, being hospitalized

Colonel Sanders is presumed innocent.

On by Claire Goforth

Flag of brazil made with computer code on the laptop screen. hacking or cybersecurity related 3D rendering

‘We want the source code’: Far-right in Brazil are using the Jan. 6 playbook to overturn an election

Voting fraud conspiracy theories are running rampant in Brazil.

On by Mikael Thalen

Riot demonstrators camp seeking military coup. Far right anti-democratic movement at headquarters of Brazilian Army - Rio de Janeiro Brazil 01.09.2023

Far-right claims Brazilian coup attempt was government ‘false flag’ operation

The conspiratorial claims have already begun.

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Twin sisters executed during Instagram live broadcast

Police arrested one suspect on suspicion of murder.

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Woman smiling (l) two people in helmets and jump suits (r)

Influencer dies after posting to Instagram: ‘Life is short, let’s be crazy’

She was traveling the country by motorcycle with her husband.

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Two cops seen in a heated conversation, with one of them pointing a gun at the other

Video shows officer pulling gun at his partner after coming back late from lunch

The other officer said he would report him for being late.

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Homepage article image

Video shows hotel employee pummeling customer who refused temperature check

‘The hotel where they all check in but they must tap out.’

On by Samantha Shaps

jair renan twitch ban coronavirus

Brazilian president’s son banned from Twitch for coronavirus denial

Jair Renan repeated his father’s feelings that the coronavirus is ‘just a little flu.’

On by Ignacio Martinez

Jair Bolsonaro telling people not to worry about coronavirus

Twitter deletes Brazilian president’s coronavirus propaganda

The tweets allegedly discounted social isolation.

On by Sierra Juarez


G7 countries’ $20 million Amazon fire pledge is being compared to movie costs

‘A cartoon about the rainforest got more money than the actual rainforest.’

On by Tiffanie Drayton


The Amazon rainforest is on fire–and people are using memes to cope

‘Storming Area 51 is canceled, boys. We are storming the Amazon rainforest to put the fires out.’

On by Brooke Sjoberg

amazon fire

People are using social media to raise awareness about the Amazon fires 

‘Let the world know about it and demand action. This is not about Brazil, is about the planet.’

On by Siobhan Ball

brazil copa america 2019

How to stream Brazil vs. Peru at the Copa America final

The Copa America final is on Sunday. Will it be the hosts from Brazil or the surprise challengers from Peru lifting the trophy?

On by Phil West

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