Video shows hotel employee pummeling customer who refused temperature check

'The hotel where they all check in but they must tap out.'

Aug 12, 2020, 12:16 pm


Samantha Shaps 

Samantha Shaps

A Brazilian hotel concierge beat up an apparent customer who refused to have his temperature checked, TMZ reports.

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A video that went viral on Reddit shows the customer standing at the hotel’s check-in desk while the concierge holds a temperature scanner.

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The concierge, who remains unidentified, puts the scanner away and the customer leans in, points, and seemingly yells at the worker. The video does not have sound.

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The customer turns around and walks away while still speaking to the concierge. Before exiting the building, the customer turns back around, grabs a chain barricade, and throws it at the worker.

The concierge says something to the customer and pushes a button under the desk. As the worker rapidly pushes the button, the customer steps behind the desk and throws something at the concierge.

The customer punches the worker multiple times, and the worker begins to punch back, eventually gaining control of the customer.

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As the two brawl behind the check-in desk, another person walks into the hotel and pulls the customer away. The pair exit the building together.

As the two leave, the concierge points and says something to them, walking up to their vehicle as they get in. The concierge continues pointing and saying something as the two drive away.

The worker then re-enters the hotel and makes a phone call.

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Some Reddit users had tongue-in-cheek responses to the video, which garnered thousands of comments. @Games_sans_frontiers wrote, “The hotel where they all check in but they must tap out.”

Another wrote, “Every single one of the workers punches was glorious.”

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*First Published: Aug 12, 2020, 12:16 pm