TikTok is one of the most widely used popular video-sharing platforms on the web and experienced a meteoric adoption rate among users in a relatively short amount of time.

In September 2016, Chinese-based software company ByteDance launched a video-sharing social media application called Douyin. The following year, an international version was launched for the masses to install on their mobile devices named TikTok. The platform quickly established itself as the most downloaded application in the United States in October of 2018 and has persisted in being a social media powerhouse today.

TikTok’s rise to app store domination can largely be attributed to ByteDance’s acquisition of Musical.ly in November of 2017 for a whopping $1 billion. Musical.ly users were automatically integrated into TikTok’s platform after the buyout, and the majority of those users were from the U.S.

Although the DNA of TikTok’s original content trademark—lip-syncing and dance routine videos—are still largely popular on the platform, the application has evolved in its respective markets to offer a wide variety of clips from its user base. Allowing for more long-form videos has allowed for content creators to upload viral storytimes and, in some instances, mini-documentaries about their daily lives.

TikTok’s user base currently stands at approximately 1 billion. Unlike other social media networks, however, there’s a strong argument to be made that it’s the most culturally significant app. Throngs of folks want to be TikTok famous, and numerous individuals have managed to launch successful branding and influencer careers from the application.

Even so, the platform has also become an integral online space for individuals to share their everyday lives—from Instacart shopper woes to corporate workforce pains, and massive Shein hauls to revolutionary shopper-focused hacks. Here, TikTok exists as an essential view of real-world discourse through a digital lens.

Walmart sign(l), Woman talking(c), Chicken label(r)

‘I paid $3.20 more than I should have’: Walmart customer blasts company for falsely advertising pack of chicken

'I’m officially checking mine from now on, no matter the store.'

On Apr 17, 2024 by Amara Thomas

Woman talking(l), Amazon alexa(c), Little girl in cinderella dress(r)

‘You wrong’: Mom lets 2-year-old in Cinderella dress use Amazon Alexa. It backfires

'She’s so incredibly real for this.'

On Apr 17, 2024 by Tiffanie Drayton

TOS - This TikTok sound is about embracing your peace

‘How life sounds’: This TikTok trend is about embracing your peace—and letting go

We're in our unbothered era.

On Apr 17, 2024 by Charlotte Colombo

Costco storefront(l), Man talking(c), Hands holding bananas(r)

‘I’ve never seen a banana do that’: Costco customer says the bananas are ‘fake’

'Does anybody know what happened?'

On Apr 17, 2024 by Nina Hernandez

Woman talking(l+r), Cash Register(c)

‘Brain literally reboots’: Cashier calls out customers who use change

'I'm not a calculator.'

On Apr 17, 2024 by Brooke Sjoberg

Woman talking(l), Car lot(c), Different woman talking(r)

‘That beater right there. Let me go see if I can sell it’: Dealership workers share which cars will not make it to 100K miles

'Nissan definitely making it.'

On Apr 17, 2024 by Jack Alban

Sonic sign(l), Woman talking(c), Drive thru tip screen(r)

‘If you’re broke, use the drive-thru or go to McDonald’s’: Viewers divided after woman hits ‘no tip’ at Sonic carhop

'Never have I ever tipped at sonic what.'

On Apr 17, 2024 by Stacy Fernandez

Woman talking(l+r), Memo with job interview reminder(c)

‘I think I had a more professional experience with Starbucks’: Woman walks out on final interview with CEO so clueless he thinks she’s already been hired

'You should have taken the job. Chances are they would be paying you a settlement within the year.'

On Apr 17, 2024 by Phil West

Woman talking(l+r), Woman getting her hair combed and cut(c)

‘Im never paying $300 to get my hair done ever again’: Customer says she got a haircut and highlights for only $90. Here’s how

'She kind of killed it.'

On Apr 17, 2024 by Charlotte Colombo

Sliced steak(l), Man talking(c), Finger pointing to menu(r)

‘Don’t tell me what to do with my steak’: Restaurant tells customer to just order chicken if they want their steak well-done

'If you want to order this, just go ahead and go outside.'

On Apr 17, 2024 by Stacy Fernandez

Man talking(l+r), Bartender hand offering margarita with lime(c)

‘I was discreet about it because I didn’t want to embarrass her’: Bartender shares the one thing you should never do when you’re at a bar

'Because she was so kind, I wanted to be polite.'

On Apr 17, 2024 by Braden Bjella

Car crash simulation 1(l), Ford sign(c), Car crash simulation 2(r)

‘Ford Explorer again’: Expert reveals how cars will hold up in a violent crash. Which one would you rather be in?

'It never fails.'

On Apr 17, 2024 by Alexandra Samuels

Woman talking(l+r), Phone with doordash app(c)

‘Can you please come out here?’: Woman says DoorDash driver lingered at her door for 20 minutes, trying to get her to come out

"I always yell 'foods here' even if it’s just for me."

On Apr 17, 2024 by Natasha Dubash

Woman talking(l+r), Honda sign(c)

‘Comparable to the Toyota Cross’: Honda HR-V driver shares whether or not hers is worth it—one year after purchasing

'Could've gotten a BMW for that price.'

On Apr 17, 2024 by Parks Kugle

Woman talking(l+r), Stack of cash(c)

‘I know she was trying to relate but it’s not the same’: Woman can’t believe boss’ response after she confides that she’s ‘struggling with money’

'I'm struggling to afford groceries.'

On Apr 17, 2024 by Braden Bjella