Haven’t played Titanfall? This live-action short is almost as good

A new Titanfall live-action short released today does a shockingly good job of depicting what the game actually feels like. It is loud, intense, and so much fun to watch.

I love all the Halo live-action spots. They add so much to the lore of the Halo universe. They don’t, however, depict what the Halo games are really like.

This short, which shows a Titanfall pilot hitting the ground from a dropship, bouncing off walls, killing enemies with a self-guiding smart pistol, and navigating the complex maneuvering of Titan-centric combat, feels spot-on.

The short was produced by the visual effects studio Playfight based in Toronto, Canada. Playfight has previously worked on post-production for the Call of Duty live-action short Operation Kingfish, which was released in 2011.

Let’s hope this isn’t the last from the studio. I wouldn’t believe this was a live-action video production with extensive F/X post-production versus pure CGI were it not for this behind the scenes video.

H/T Polygon | Screengrab via Titanfallgame/YouTube

Dennis Scimeca

Dennis Scimeca

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